PCP, Ebola @ Onkel Otto, Hamburg GER 21 March 2001

PCP – “CIDERNETIX” tour 03/2001
It’s been more than 6 fucken months since our last concert (that party gig with Sapo and Krik Disneylanda in Rotterdam) so it became time something happened. Since Fleas And Lice is quite busy, PCP must profit from some sparetime so here we go with a mini-tour organized by partner in crime Sniff from Malmö.

Prosperous journey straight to Hamburg. The Onkel Otto pub (situated in the infamous Hafenstrasse) is a real neat place to play. And real small as well. With 50 people it’s packed already. We first get an extensive meal from the Voku downstairs but I’ll be smart and don’t gorge too much coz I don’t want to repeat this meal during the gig. After we put the equipment in the middle of the pub, I go find a suitable parkingspot for the cavia-express coz the neighbourhood is flooded by cops. When Ebola arrives, the party starts going. PCP plays first and we do a decent set. We’ve rehearsed quite a lot and can play for 60 minutes if necessary. I am much impressed by Ebola. Did I always prefer the English one before (when they played fast melodic hardcore in contrast to their current sloppy deathmetalish grindcore), now I definitely must turn to the Berliners. Very much reminiscent of bands like Dissension and Hail Of Rage. The crowd is crazy. One woman is constantly beating up her drunk boyfriend which is quite hilarious to watch. After the gig and packing the van again, I decide to get some sleep at 3.30 am while the rest goes on through the morning.


Ebola (Berlin, Germany)
PCP (Groningen, The Netherlands)