(Groningen, 1997 – 2007)

Used to be the “Scorpio” coffeeshop. After 3 years of being empty, it was squatted on 25 October 1997. Evicted on 04 May 2007. The place had a bar, concertstage, vegan restaurant “Salmonella”, a social studycentre with free internet, a give-away shop, Food Not Bombs, videobar called “Mollywood” and a publishing house called “Driftige Publicaties”.

Concerts: (selected)
1997.12.31 No I.D., PCP, Yphobia

1998.06.19 Resisters, Homomilitia
1998.09.19 PCP, Seein’Red, Sin Dios
1998.12.31 Office Killer, Point Of Few, Last Match

1999.03.27 Stick To The Pan +3
1999.07.24 Kobayash, Adelheid Streidel Experience
1999.08.28 Malaka, Reggae Mafia, Stick To The Pan, Tuco Ramirez
1999.10.23 Carrera, 12 Aullidos
1999.10.29 Destructors, Machine Gun Etiquette

2000.04.07 De Ketters, Makiladoras, Harum-Scarum
2000.06.23 Fleas And Lice, The Varukers
2000.07.21 Ugly Aesthetics, N.N.Y.
2000.11.03 PCP, Blowtorch, Dog Ugly, Boycot

2004.06.05 Benefiet-Gala-Diner “Het Zwarte Gat”
2004.08.28 In Limbo, Bombaklatz, Krush, De Hardheid

2005.04.30 Stank, Ballast
2005.07.16 Nuestros Derechos, T.B.C., Link, File Under Shane, C.S.I.
2005.09.17 Gate Crashers, Fleas And Lice, Freebooters, Runnin’Riot, Instinct Of Survival (G.G.I. Festival)

2006.02.03 Blood Bastard, Mindføk, Makiladoras (Wilco Benefiet)
2006.04.29 Onakentona, The Rifles, The Architect, The Kickers

2007.04.12 Fleas And Lice, Mongolia, Mouth Sewn Shut
2007.05.19 Ladyfest