Olho Seco, Retarded E Semprefreski, Entropia, Songs For Emma @ Black Out Festival, Torino ITA 25 September 1999

Friday 24/9: day off at the Blackout Festival, Torino ITA (+ Skarface, Rimozione Koatta)
Milano canceled so we leave for Torino at 14.30 and arrive at the Blackout Festival around 19.00. After some food (hideous Falafel with celery) we check out the first band, Rimozione Koatta, a pretty bad skaband. Giulio checks our sleepingplace for today but is constantly placed on hold or redirected. Around 2.00 I’ll sleep in the van and at 4.30 there’s finally someone getting us to a sleepingplace. It’s a hectic ride driving after a couple drunkdrivers who go too fast and ignore red trafficlights. We end up in a 3 year old squat called Cascina Pellerina, in the middle of the biggest park of Torino. It’s like a scene in a horrormovie. I’m approached by someone who points at my Sin Dios shirt and tells me she saw them in Mexico.

Saturday 25/9: At a local supermarket Eva crashes with her leg rather hard with a shopping cart. She gets a fever, gets very nauseous and needs to vomit… I go with Entropia and Dio, their beerroadie, to the big and beautiful recordshop of the Crunch guitarplayer. When we return to the festival, all bands have arrived and we set up the distro. Andre successfully repairs his pedal and we go eat some in a local squatbar where a tolerated nazi is harassing us. The inhabitants are sheepingly laughing. Back at the Festival we see a big turnout. Entropia plays first, followed by Olho Seco. I film on stage but the 500+ crowd is reacting kind of indifferent. Songs For Emma (with ex-Strawman guitarplayer) is pretty boring and R+E is somekind of a Ramones rip off. We get harassed by the nazi again and this time he brought skinfriends… Fortunately they only spit at us. We crash at the van with half of the band and at 5.00 we drive to El Paso. The place is already full so we end up in the horrorhouse again. Dio stays at El Paso to party more and Giulio with Valerie already traveled back early to their hometown Asti. Eva stayed the entire day in bed in the van coz she feels pretty sick.

Olho Seco

Olho Seco (São Paulo, Brasil)
Retarded E Semprefreski (Italy)
Entropia (Cremona, Italy)
Songs For Emma (USA)