Olho Seco, Reltih, Simbiose, Luv Da Xit @ Kasa Praça Espanha, Lisboa POR 10 October 1999

This house has been squatted for 2 years now and is more of a “workingspace” than a concertplace. The cellar is kind of small and has a big Boumann’s vibe. Olho Seco is up early to pack up for their departure back to Brazil. Realtih is supercrust, Simbiose plays a sort of skacrust and Luv Da Xit plays good ole hardcore. Olho Seco gets the place going including a lot of fingerpointing. Marcus kisses his Portuguese shirt and they hand out autographs. A perfect ending of the tour for the band! We talk a lot with Rafa who has its own shop in the city which we will visit in the upcoming days.

Luv Da Xit
Luv Da Xit
Olho Seco
Olho Seco
The concertcellar
Rafa and his shop
Crashing with Sin Dios at Pepino’s place in Madrid
Sin Dios

Olho Seco (São Paulo, Brasil)
Reltih (Portugal)
Simbiose (Portugal)
Luv Da Xit (Portugal)