Olho Seco @ Onkel Otto, Hamburg GER 11 September 1999

When we arrive we see the concert is moved from the Rote Flora to Onkel Otto. There’s also 5 punx (Lucky is one of them) from Hannover who show us the way. There’s a lot of football hooligans on the streets because of a game against Hertha BSC. We also meet up with Pogo Paul, Jens and Scott who does shitwork for Neurosis. At the small concertplace, there’s no backline. Vanchy the organizer is doing everything on his own so he gets pretty stressy realizing the street is totally broken up and it took us 2 hours to get a backline. Nevertheless it’s fullhouse with a lot of old punx and a good ole pogoparty. We crash at Scott’s Place.

Rote Flora
Fabio S. and Andre in front of the Rote Flora

Olho Seco (São Paulo, Brasil)