Olho Seco, Irrenoffensive, Rasta Knast @ Dornbusch, Mildstedt GER 15 September 1999

We get woken up by the band. Turnaround world coz we’re used to wake them up! We explore the city, end up in a 2nd hand recordstore and leave a bit too late. We arrive around 20.30 in Hüsum and are welcomed by Höhnie and Martin of Rastaknast (who started with the O.H.L./Emils drummer) and Jens aka Krete the organizer. When we arrive at the concertplace, a fantastic designed Café annex Discotheque, there is no people. We fear the worst but at 22.00 it fortunately fills up. We get food at the bar but the one serving is very unsympathetic and does not want to cook vegetarian. Irrenoffensive play a lot of covers and during Rasta Knast our friend Pogo Paul is definitely warming up. When Olho Seco plays, most people have already gone but the atmosphere is still good. After the gig there are interviews with a local newspaper and Plastic Bomb. When we talk with the Dutch owner of Dornbusch, he tells us this is the last concert before the whole place gets knocked down. I meet an old penfriend from the 80’s, Karl-Heinz from the Scapegoats.

Rasta Knast

Olho Seco (São Paulo, Brasil)
Rastaknast (Hannover, Germany)
Irrenoffensive (Germany)