Olho Seco, Escuela De Odio @ Club De Juvenil Villa, Llangreu SPA 06 October 1999

We arrive at 17.00 in Llangreu but the place is difficult to find. We find it at after 1 hour of driving and asking around. We meet with organizer Pirri/Escuela De Odio, Oscar, Payo, Uge and Carlos. We have dinner before and after the gig and I’ll get to hear stories from Uge about the E-150 US tour and Battle Of Disarm tour. Escuela De Odio is impressive and Olho Seco plays for a great crowd with a lot of movement.

Escuela De Odio
Escuela De Odio
Olho Seco

Olho Seco (São Paulo, Brasil)
Escuela De Odio (Llangreu, Spain)