Olho Seco, Entropia @ El Paso, Torino ITA 26 September 1999

The concert of today starts early at 18.00. Olho Seco goes into the citycentre and want to visit Torino-Inter. I and the Entropia crew visit a Pizzeria, we see busses full of hooligans with police escort and return at 16.00 at El Paso. The concert will start later coz no one shows up. Me and Roberto/Entropia are the kings of tablefootball and win everything. Eva takes mud-baths for her foot/leg but it keeps swelling. Entropia starts around 20.00 but the room is still as good as empty. Nevertheless they play a relentless set. Olho Seco keeps it short because Fabio’s throatproblems are getting serious. We say goodbye to the Entropia crew and Fabio starts gargling with water.

Monday 27/9: off
At 8.15 Olho Seco take a train to Milano to do some serious sightseeing. We hang out at El Paso where everybody is very helpful because of Eva’s trouble. We get invited for dinner in the garden, and get a delicious meal from mastercook Andrea and his help Bobo. In the meantime, out of the dark come 5 crazy jumping and screaming Croatians. Around 23.00 the Brasilians return. Jef lost his addressbook and me and Marcos make a dreamteam at the tablefootball.

Tuesday 28/9: off
We decide to go to the hospital. It takes a lot of time and money to check our insurance and get with public transportation to the hospital. After 2 hours she is thoroughly checked but there is still work to do so I wait the rest of the time outside. It’s quite chaotic in this big hospital. Eva’s having an infection in het foot and gets antibiotics. We get back in time for yet another great dinner. Andrea cooks for the house (with about 8 inhabitants) almost every evening. This time it’s a biological vegan salad with pasta and potatocake. They’re building a big special bath which we will check out next time. The shop inside El Paso gets especially opened for us because Olho Seco wants to make some trades before leaving.

Wednesday 29/9: off
We get up at 8.00 and Fabio tells us he can’t get the rest moving. I get to blow my whistle (always good for this and getting a crowd in action) but I also wake up those crazy Croations…. We finally leave at 10.00 and from a telephonecall with Boliche, I hear Barcelona is canceled. We decide to drive to Zaragoza, eat on a parkingspace and sleep around 00.30 at the Spanish border.

El Paso

Olho Seco (São Paulo, Brasil)
Entropia (Cremona, Italy)