Olho Seco, Entropia @ C.S.A. Via Volturno, Udine ITA 23 September 1999

After exploring Ljubljana we depart at 16.00. At the border we have no problems but we take the wrong way and lose one and a half hour. I phone the Hellnation shop in Rome for help because I have no phonenumber or address for the concertplace. Eventually we get picked up by Giulio/Cripple Bastards and the Entropia crew. The organizer recognizes me from the Selfish tour in 1997 when we were here as well and he points me to the Catweazle stickers I put there. I make sure to put some PCP ones there as well. This is one of the oldest squats in Italy, already going for 11 years. With Selfish it was rather peculiar because on one side lived the communists and the other side had the anarchists. The latter organized the gigs and always borrowed the backline from the commies. But this time they had a fight and obviously we/they had a problem… The gig start at 23.30 and Entropia sounds like a cross between Los Crudos and Indigesti! We hear the gigs for Milano, Firenze and Roma are canceled. Fortunately it’s possible to make another concert in Torino. The concertcellar is filled pretty well and the crowd goes crazy when Olho Seco plays. I film about 20 minutes, Andre has bassdrumpedalproblems and Fabio’s throat is still hurting like hell. Nevertheless the band parties on until 5.00.

C.S.A. Via Volturno

Olho Seco (São Paulo, Brasil)
Entropia (Cremona, Italy)