Olho Seco, Ems @ E.K.H., Wien AUS 19 September 1999

We get a good decent german breakfast and arrive around 17.30 in Vienna. We meet with organizer Tibi and Tanya/Gate Of Hell who is managing and driving for Phobia from the USA but she has problems with her LT van so they’re gonna start a 12 hour drive to Dortmund. With Potti we remember the crazy Risotto days with Ação Direta only 4 months ago. Actually, the house received another 200 packs… After dinner we’re found at the footballtable again. There’s about 50 people showing up for the gig. Jeferson needs to borrow a bassguitar coz his one is broken. We’ll stay another day in Vienna and go to Koper on the 21st. Andre the drummer is busy learning german.

Monday 20/9: crashing in Vienna
Tibi especially opens his Sacro Kabalismo shop for us. We go to a guitarshop to repair the bassguitar. We explore the citycentre, buy presents for the families back in Brasil and eat pizza outside the centre because prices are insane. I get a phonecall from Arijana that we need to get in time for the next gig in Koper.

Olho Seco (São Paulo, Brasil)
Ems (Austria)