Olho Seco, Crude B.E. @ Køpi, Berlin GER 16 September 1999

Sleep long and the Plastic Bomb interview is continued. We get the first rain of the tour and we say goodbye to Höhnie and Co. We arrive at Köpi around 21.00 but there is no backline which is fixed in no time. The food is excellent as always and we’ll talk with Ilja. Talk a lot. We also meet with Schotter and Ainstain plus Sarah. The place fills up pretty quickly and Olho Seco seems to sell a lot of merch. Tonight I’m filming quite a lot for the band probably also because the organizer Herne and most people from the house know me.

Olho Seco
Olho Seco

Olho Seco (São Paulo, Brasil)
Crude B.E. (Potsdam/Berlin, Germany)