Olho Seco, Aurora, Kafkas @ Zoro, Leipzig GER 17 September 1999

We’ll explore Kreuzberg and visit Coretex and Fettecke. Checked email and let the Brasilians use my mobile. We find a good and cheap musicstore and I buy a cymbal. Before meeting Herne and eat Falafel, we check the (former) Eastwall. We leave at 19.00 to avoid any trafficjams and arrive around 22.30 at Zoro which is OK. We get brilliant food and meet with André the organizer, the other bands and old friend Lenin (Los Crudos). Aurora from Hungary is already active since 1983! Kafkas started playing and is lalala-punk. They sell longsleeves for 45 DM! Aurora plays uptempo lalala-core with a trumpet but unfortunately without any conviction. Around 3.00 Olho Seco finally hit the stage and there are still a lot of people. Some are here already for the upcoming fest. At a tapedistro we meet Borut from Kranj again and we hear the concert for the following day in Regensburg is canceled.

Saturday 18/9: Zwiesel-Passau
In the morning I start to call for alternatives. André is cleaning up on his own coz everybody is preparing for the fest. Maybe it is possible to get added at an existing concert in Zwiesel but there’s no certainty yet. We decide to go for it despite the very long drive on small roads. We arrive at 23.00 at a full concerthall with people going nuts. But where are the punx? This is more like a mainstream gig and we see a band called Jimmy Eat World on stage… Needless to say, Olho Seco can not play. We meet with Franz/Revenge and the Veggiecide crew and crash at their place in Passau which is more than an hour drive.

Olho Seco

Olho Seco (São Paulo, Brasil)
Aurora (Győr, Hungary)
Kafkas (Fulda, Germany)