(Venlo, 1971 – 1992)

O.O.C. stands for Open Ontmoetings Centrum (Open Meeting Centre) and was a cultural centre doing concerts and dance evenings. In 1981 punx got their own evening on Sunday. The group called Bauplatz, some were involved with the band Pandemonium and organized alot of concerts. There was alot of problems with the local authorities and eventually the venue moved and became Perron 55 in 1992.

Concerts: (selected)
1982.05.02 Chloroform, Zanzibars Twist, 83 Cherokee, Koos van de Kerkhof, A Live Detail, Holland Elektro, Coolcast, Pandemonium, Zoo

1983.09.14 U.K. Subs
1983.09.18 Exploiting The Profits
1983.09.25 Nulla Ippereala, Deform
1983.11.27 Sonic Youth
1983.10.02 Shockheaded Peters
1983.10.09 March Violets
1983.12.25 M.D.C., B.G.K.

1984.05.05 Rattus
1984.07.12 Zyklome A, Neuroot
1984.12.25 Neuroot, Brigade Fozzy, Gepøpel, Funeral Oration, Delirium

1985.08.24 Tension, Impact, Indigesti, Capital Scum, Stinky Rats
1985.09.22 Disgust, Toxic Waste, Subhumans
1985.12.01 Gøtefix, Instigators
1985.12.25 Negazione, Kina, C.C.M.

1986.03.22 B.G.K., No Pigs
1986.03.31 Gøtefix, Bambix, W.C.F., Hysteria, Chlorix
1986.06.21 Scream, Lärm, Pandemonium, Hysteria
1986.08.31 Neuroot, Varukers
1986.10.05 Disgust, Brigade Fozzy, Pandemonium, W.C.F., Delirium
1986.10.11 Government Issue, Unwanted Youth, Heibel, Gøtefix
1986.11.08 Lärm, Kina, N.P.R., Gøtefix, Blek Flek, Wax Pontiffs
1986.12.06 Conflict, Royal Vomit, Ear Damage

1987.01.03 Scratch Acid, Swampsurfers
1987.03.17 Cólera, Swampsurfers, Capital Scum, Lärm
1987.09.05 Rhythm Pigs, Social Unrest, Swampsurfers

1988.02.13 Scream, Fire Party, Massacre, Rubber Gun
1988.04.09 Afflict, T.G.V.
1988.04.16 Ramona’s, Flesh & Bone
1988.04.30 Toxic Reasons, Zero Boys, Nakende Neten, Gøtefix
1988.10.22 Die Kreuzen, Kotz

1989.12.23 Die Kreuzen

1990.03.03 Loveslug, Puke Babies, The Omen
1990.09.02 Bored!, Bleach