No I.D. – No I.D. TAPE 1996

Title: No I.D.
Label: Selfreleased, The Netherlands
Year: 1996
Recorded: Het Viadukt, Groningen 26.04.1996 (on a 4 track in the rehearsalroom)
A01. Genoeg
A02. Addict
A03. Flex
A04. Research And Destroy
A05. Share Of You
A06. Zuur
(Live De Box, Hoogeveen 03.11.1996)
A07. Research And Destroy
A08. System Song
A09. Buiten Mij Om
A10. Outgrowth
A11. Addict
B01. Share Of You
B02. History
B03. Flex
B04. Oost-Timor
B05. Barbq
B06. Zuur
B07. Pictures Of Pain
B08. Barbie Army
B09. War
Comment: Comes with 20 page booklet / Benefit tape for Werkgroep Vluchtelingen Vrij //