(1976 – 1979)

Bio: From Oost-Souburg/Vlissingen. The older brother of Jaap lent him his guitar and after tuning and rehearsing in E, it was time for a band. The band plays Ramones and Sex Pistols songs plus own songs. Within time they got a following. The 7” comes out on Stoof Records which is financed by the notorious bar with the same name in Vlissingen. They chose the name for the record because at the time there was an outbreak of Polio in the Netherlands and especially in the orthodox-protestant community in the province of Zeeland. They refuse vaccinations because of their belief. The cover shows the band with needles around an open grave with Jaap shitting literally on a coffin. It’s an obvious protest and needless to say, the record becomes quite controversial. When they play Strandpop, Bram throws his keyboards in the crowd. In 1979 the band splits up due to musical differences and some members continue as Cartunes.

Description: Punk

Pieter Zoutman – vocals
Casper Berends – bass
Peter Provoost aka Nek – drums
Jaap van Boven – guitar & vocals
Bram van Eenenaam – keyboards

Other bands:
Jaap van Boven – El Combo, Swindle, Cartrouble, Swindle
Casper Berends – The Juke Joints

1978 – Polio For The People 7” single (Stoof Produkties, NL)
Recorded @ Schaap Geluidstechniek, Rotterdam

1999 – Bloodstains Across The World LP (Bloodstains)

Concerts: (assorted)
1977 Second Home, Middelburg
1977 Scheldebuurt, Vlissingen

1978.08.05 Strandpop, Vlissingen
1978.11.17 Zippo, Vlissingen

@ Strandpop, Vlissingen 05.08.1978
@ Strandpop, Vlissingen 05.08.1978
@ Strandpop, Vlissingen 05.08.1978
@ Strandpop, Vlissingen 05.08.1978