Mekanik Kommando, The Cure @ Oosterpoort, Groningen 09 May 1982

I got tickets for my birthday. Mekanik Kommando was very forgettable new wave and during The Cure we were hanging against the stage. It seemed we were the only punx there and since I have little memories of this one, it must have been boring for us.

  1. Airlock
  2. The Figurehead
  3. A Short Term Effect
  4. The Drowning Man
  5. M
  6. Cold
  7. Charlotte Sometimes
  8. At Night
  9. Three Imaginary Boys
  10. Primary
  11. One Hundred Years
  12. Siamese Twins
  13. Splintered in Her Head
  14. Play for Today
  15. A Strange Day
  16. A Forest
  17. Pornography
  18. The Hanging Garden
  19. 10:15 Saturday Night
  20. Killing an Arab
  21. All Mine

Mekanik Kommando (Nijmegen, The Netherlands)
The Cure (Crawley, UK)