Massagraf – 1982 – Blokkade Op Straat TAPE 1982

Title: Blokkade Op Straat
Label: R.I.P. Off Recordz
Year: 1982
Recorded: AD Tapes, Groningen 1982 by André Salters
A01. Crisis
A02. One Chord
A03. Arbeitslos
A04. O.S.L.
B01. Ik Laat Me Nix
B02. Blokkade
B03. Noord-Oost Nederland Met Tienertoer
B04. Army Boots
Comment: R.I.P. Off Recordz ’81 Tape Nr.4 / sold together with the Jetset – Modern Times Are Coming Back tape in plastic bag/ comes with 22 page booklet and insert / the song on A04 O.S.L. cuts off //

Ad Nieuwe Koekrand 59
from Koekrand 59