MBP / Ampachen TAPE 1986

Title: MBP / Ampachen
Label: Self-released, NL
Year: 1986
A01. Red Paint
A02. Beurut Violence
A03. I Thought I Was Poor
A04. Little Man 
A05. Buma
A06. Sex (1)
A07. Up In Smoke
A08. Coffee, Cookies & The News
A09. The Second
A10. The Worst Police
A11. Child’s Play
A12. The Taste Is Magic
A13. Private Property
A14. Bricks & Blood & Broken Bones
A15. Scorched Earth
A16. Private Hell
(Live in de Oosterpoort Groningen 8 Februari)
A17. Coffee, Cookies & The News
A18. Bricks & Blood & Broken Bones
A19. Worst Policy
A20. Scorched Earth
A21. Private Hell
B01. Adam
B02. Cry
B03. Nevergreen
B04. Sunday Morning
B05. Savage
B06. Anonymus
B07. Junior
B08. Oblivion
B09. Nihil
B10. Dinner Time
B11. Chemical Plant
B12. Unconscious
B13. Easy Feet
Comment: comes with A4 lyricsheet and 2 stickers / handnumbered //