Lärm – Extreme Noise Terrorism 7″ EP 1995

Title: Extreme Noise Terrorism
Label: Kaal Records, NL / Left Wing Records, NL
Year: 1995
Recorded: live @ De Tagrijn, Hilversum 1985
Press: 1000 (850 with insert, 150 with different sleeve & thick card insert)
Comment: Comes with 3 inserts
A01. Ignorance
A02. Obsessed By Your Image
A03. N.R.I.P.
A04. No One Can Be That Dumb
A05. Disorder
A06. Don’t Wanna Pay Their Debts
A07. Dance Til You Drop
B01. Nuclear Barbeque Party
B02. Not What It Seems To Be
B03. Gesprek Met De Minister President
B04. Haagse Mafia
B05. No Words No Lyrics
B06. Police Threats