(1988 – 1989)

Meaning Bandname:
No meaning. Jan was too short so they made it Jan Wil Niet Neuken which translates into Jan Doesn’t Want To Fuck.

Bio: Improvised band with Nanno, a guitarplayer on drums. They did only 2 concerts. Bart Droog, the singer remembers Het Klooster concert: “The band before us left a gallows on the stage. That gave me the idea to scream out a song about suicide (lyrics were improvised). So I put my head in the noose and jumped screaming off the stage. I was dangling in front of the stage and after some more screaming I started to suffocate. Fortunately the crowd hoisted me back on stage.”

Lyrics: Improvised.

Description: Noise

Richard Bugel aka Thermo – bass
Nanno van Delden – drums
Bart Droog – vocals
Edwin Groot aka Glorix – guitar

Other bands:
Richard Bugel aka Thermo – Shampookillers, Massacubadset, E.N.E., Puinhoop
Nanno van Delden – Kein Produkt, Jetset, Massagraf, Kastroboys, Massacubadset, Jan Wil Niet Neuken, Laika
Bart Droog – De Dichters Uit Epibreren, Vivid Ointment, Massacubadset
Edwin Groot aka Glorix – Nul-50, Society Killers

1988.02.26 Het Klooster, Groningen (+ Dikke Løl, La Cosa Nostra, D.N.P., E.N.E., WFO)
1989.08.16 Vera, Groningen