(1977 – 1980)

Meaning Bandname: An idea by Frank and taken from the film Turks Fruit by Jan Wolkers.

Bio: Formed by Frank and Marco on the bus stop of line 33 at the central railwaystation in Amsterdam somewhere in spring 1977. The band starts as a trio, listen alot to The Velvet Underground, Q65, The Rolling Stones, The Who and practise in the building of the math faculty in Amsterdam. The security guys are not amused hearing Brown Sugar, My Generation, We’re Gonna Have A Real Good Time Together and  I´m a Man. After a while Frank starts to write punksongs heavily influenced by the Damned. The concert with The Boys leaves an impression. Laetitia joins in 1978 and Jan Schutte becomes manager and buys vocal equipment. Together with Dick Bakker/The Filth, he later starts Het Repetitiehuis and A.M.P. Inside Nipples rehearse in the cellars of the studentflat in the Weesperstraat and sometimes in the Zilverberg flat. Because they write their own songs, the covers disappear. Frank gets replaced by Remco Minne but he leaves soon because he forms his own band. Laetitia gets replaced by Karin who has alot of contacts and gets a rehearsalroom in the cellars of the Paradiso venue. The band gets filmed for Cha Cha during a concert in Paradiso but they weren’t edited in the final cut of the movie. In february 1980 a tour through west-Germany is organized without Ab Oord but with replacement Frank Lub. After 30 April 1980 Marc stops and eventually the band breaks up.


Frank Lub – bass & vocals (1977-1978), bass (1978-1979), bass (1980-1980 as replacement for the West Germany tour)
Guido de Zeeuw – guitar & vocals (1977-1978), guitar (1978-1980)
Marco di Crolla aka Marc Crolla †- drums
Catharina Nijhuis † – vocals (1979-1980)

Laetitia Goldstein † – vocals (1978-1979)
Remco Minne – bass (1979-1979)
Ab Oord – bass (1979-1980)

Other bands:
Frank Lub – PV’s Dream, The Storch
Marco di Crolla – PV’s Dream, Alien Moon
Laetitia Goldstein – Flibbert Gibbet, TL-Management
Catharina Nijhuis – Karin And The Kids

1978 – Aambeeld 6

1979 – demo (Unreleased, NL) (w/Frank Lub)
1979 – demo (Unreleased, NL) (w/Remco Minne)
1979 – Icescream Studio, Amsterdam demo (Unreleased, NL)

1979 – Cha Cha (The Soundtrack) LP (CBS, NL)

1977.11.20 Volkshuis, Leiden (The Boys, Panic)
1977.12.07 Paradiso, Amsterdam (+ Karin & The Kids, Panic)
1977 De Brakke Grond (+ Tom Foolery)
1977 Mahadma, Abcoude
1977 Open Jongeren Centrum, Uithoorn
1977 Mensa Weesperstraat, Amsterdam
1977 De Brakke Grond, Amsterdam
1977 Zilverberg, Amsterdam

1978.04.30 Nieuwmarkt, Amsterdam
1978.05.17 Paradiso, Amsterdam (+ No Fun)
1978.07.21 Paradiso, Amsterdam (+ The Blades, The Softies)
1978 ASVA Feest Roeterstraat, Amsterdam (+ Herman Brood, Normaal)
1978 Jongerensociëteit, Amsterdam
1978 ’t Keldertje, Den Haag
1978 Sociëteit Omshanti, Landsmeer
1978 Dorpshuis, Houten
1978 Jongerensociëteit, ’t Zand
1978 De Bakkerij, Castricum
1978 Faculteit Medische Wetenschappen UVA, Amsterdam
1978 Cleyndertweg, Amsterdam
1978 Openluchtfestival, Arnhem
1978 Drieluik, Zaandam
1978 Maagdenhuis, Amsterdam
1978 Pedagogische Academie, Amsterdam
1978 CPN Feest, Amsterdam
1978 De Gigant, Apeldoorn (+ The Filth)
1978 Jongerensociëteit, Kampen

1979.03.10 Tinck, Hoogeveen
1979.03.10 Politieke Manifestatie, Hoogeveen
1979.03.11 Perron 13, Ter Apel
1979.05.31 Paradiso, Amsterdam (+ Whizz Guy)
1979.06.01 Youth Festival, Amstelveld (+ The Filth and more)
1979.06.22 Amsterdamse Bos, Amsterdam (+ Krash On Poland, 123, The Bugs, Workmates, V.D. Patients, PCX, Infexion)
1979.06.23 MoPop, Monnickendam
1979.10.18 Paradiso, Amsterdam (+ The Storch)
1979 Oude Manhuispoort, Amsterdam
1979 Cleyndertweg, Amsterdam
1979 H’88, Amsterdam (+ Suspenders)
1979 Paradiso, Amsterdam (Opnames Cha Cha)
1979 Bikkerseiland, Amsterdam
1979 Rosmolen, Beneden-Leeuwen
1979 Paradiso, Amsterdam (+ The Meteors)
1979 Kwak Sociëteit, Amsterdam
1979 Ganzenhoef Sociëteit, Amsterdam
1979 Vredeburg, Utrecht (+ The Meteors)
1979 Het Zwembad, Leiden (+ The Meteors)
1979 Uilenstede, Amsterdam
1979 De Bolder, Monnickendam
1979 Eksit, Rotterdam
1979 Heavy, Rotterdam
1979 Het Arsenaal, Woerden
1979 De Meervaart, Amsterdam
1979 Donkey Shot, Sittard
1979 De Barak, Venray
1979 Troll, Hoorn (+ The Meteors)
1979 Fire, Oud Beijerland

1980.02.01 Quasimodo, Berlin GER
1980.02.02 Quasimodo, Berlin GER
1980.02.03 Besen Binderhof, Hamburg GER
1980.02.29 Kaasee, Rotterdam
1980.03.27 Paradiso, Amsterdam (+ Kingbees)
1980.06.14 Festival Of Fools, Amsterdam (+ Ketchup, The Ex, BVD, The Bugs and more)
1980.06.21 Simplon, Groningen
1980.12.18 Paradiso, Amsterdam (+ Willy Nilly)
1980.02 Okie Dokie, Düsseldorf GER
1980.02 Sociëteit, Minden GER
1980.02 A.J.Z., Bielefeld GER
1980.02 Jara, Dortmund GER
1980 Xana, De Rijp
1980 Frankfurt GER
1980 Zaal Marcanti, Amsterdam
1980 Drieluik, Zaandam
1980 Kattebak, Groningen
1980 Nieuwe Pul, Uden

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(© Martijn de Jonge)
@ Okie Dokie, Düsseldorf GER 02.1980