(1999 – 2004)

Meaning bandname: It just looks nice we think

Bio: Ill11! started with Illco, Hanz & Hark’oh in february 1999 by playing real powerful punkrock with strong political lyrics. After playing one show we recorded ‘ €50’ containing 15 songs. After a lot of practicing and playing some shows our music developed into a different direction. We recorded ‘Ending System’ in january 2001 which contains 9 songs and are very different from the €50 songs’. In May 2001 we did a tour through Germany and Spain.

Lyrics: The songs contain more hardcore influences and some weirder ‘experimental’ stuff. We are very enthusiastic about playing and writing songs and try to put a message in it so maybe we can try and make a little change, because a lot of things should change in this world, concerning the environment, the ‘third world’, narrow mindedness, racism, sexism, homophobia and a lot more. A lot of these problems are caused by western society, affecting the whole world, especially the poorer countries. Shoving things up their throat and using them as cheap labour. We try to give our views on these things. Still we think you should have fun making music.

Description: Bands who probably influenced our music: Black Flag, El Corazon del Sapo, Dead Kennedys, Sloy, Refused, Melvins, Queen, Inside Out, Fugazi, Snapcase & more

Eelco Braad aka Illco – bass
Hans Wubs aka Hanz – drums
Harko Wubs aka Hark’oh – guitar, vocals

Other bands:
Eelco Braad aka Illco – Sugarfrosted Weenies, Music For The Defect, Reflect Criticize Act, AttackRobotAttack, Grinding Halt, We Are The Harvest
Hans Wubs aka Hanz – Sugarfrosted Weenies, Plastic Pleasure, Kraun, Muleta, BVD, Landverraad, Iron Cage, Music For The Defect, Reflect Criticize Act, Grinding Halt, The Cold Vein
Harko aka Hark’oh – Plastic Pleasure, Abuse & Neglect, Einde Verhaal, Tesarac, Het Brandt

2000 –  €50 CDr (Snol & Snol Records, NL) 
2001 – Ending System CDr (Snol & Snol Records, NL)
2002 – Start Within CDr (Selfreleased, NL)
Recorded @ Blaisdell Studio, Groningen 04.2002
2004 – 10 song demo CDr (Selfreleased, NL)
Recorded @ Greenlands Studio Ureterp 04.2004 / released as a tour CDr

2001 – Thrash For Cash TAPE  (AArshAAr Rekkorts)

1999.10.23 It Miensker, Oudega (+ Neuk, DY66, Rent-2-Kill, Approach To The Truth, Unearthly, Sure Conflict)
1999.12.29 Sfinx, Heerenveen (+ Censored, Malares)

2000.03.03 Iduna, Drachten (+ Ill Nino, DY66, Censored)
2000.03.10 Sfinx, Heerenveen (+ + Mr. Potatohead, Uit De Sloot)
2000.03.11 Kiehool, Burgum (+ The Effect, Sub Zero, Blind Alley, Mortuary, Tormentor, Secure) (Metalslag)
2000.03.24 Bolwerk, Sneek (+ TBFKAK, Walpurgis, Skelter, Milky Smell, Jenzoil)
2000.05.26 Sfinx, Heerenveen (+ Aversion, Stoma, Victimized)
2000.08.20 Soundgarden, Amsterdam (+ Faroutski, Unique Freak)
2000.09.02 Sfinx, Heerenveen (+ Faroutski, Mangel)
2000.09.15 Orada, Wierden (+ Karbo, De Ketters)
2000.12.03 Platformtheater, Groningen (+ Karbo, Chupacabra, Revolt)

2001.02.25 Swaf, Hoorn (+ Karbo)
2001.03.22 Iduna, Drachten (+ Karbo, De Loodschieters)
2001.04.21 Ons Huis, Sint Annaparochie (+ many more)
2001.04.22 Mukkus, Leeuwarden (+ Malaris)
2001.05.12 Vrankrijk, Amsterdam (+ The Last Mile)
2001.05.19 Kiehool, Bergum (+ Approach To The Truth, Betrayed By Life, Secure, Spirit ’84, The Effect)
2001.07.02 Charly’s, Hengelo (+ Devious)
2001.07.06 Donkerbroek (+ many more)
2001.07.14 Stavoren (+ Reaching Forward, No Turning Back, Daybreak, Screwballs, Scattered, Reckoning Force, The Effect, Betrayed By Life, Code Red, Stoma)
2001.07.14 Platformtheater, Groningen (+ PCP, Toxic Narcotic, Strychnine)
2001.08.11 Broekland, Raalte (+ C4)
2001.09.23 Gloppe, Leeuwarden (+ Bloody Sods, R.N.L., Anti-Soma, Vals, Last To Go)
2001.10.20 ACU, Utrecht (+ Born Dead Icons, Fetch)
2001.10.27 Groenfront Gilze-Rijen, Breda
2001.12.03 Platformtheater, Groningen (+ Revolt, Chupacabra, Karbo) (Gingernut 2000 Fest)
2001.12.24 Gloppe, Leeuwarden (+ Room 13, Icepick)

2002.02.02 Het Bolwerk, Sneek (+ many more)
2002.02.23 Vinkhuizen, Groningen (+ Abuse & Neglect)
2002.04.06 Innocent, Hengelo (+ De Ketters, Vals, 3/5, The Barnhouse Effect)
2002.05.11 Charly’s Hengelo (+ Snol, Blaat, Redgement)
2002.06.09 Parkhof, Alkmaar (+ Mihoen!, Beer For Breakfast, Antidote)
2002.07.14 Platformtheater, Groningen (+ Krush, Darwin, Ekkaia, Cementerio Show)
2002.09.14 Schlachthof, Aurich GER (+ B-72, Go Faster Nuns)
2002.09.28 De Harmonie, Leeuwarden (+ many more)
2002.10.26 Iduna, Drachten (+ Biota, Abuse & Neglect)
2002.11.09 Gloppe, Leeuwarden (+ Abuse & Neglect, Vals, Room 13, Misplaced)

2003.02.15 Sfinx, Heerenveen (+ many more)
2003.02.15 Willem I, Arnhem (+ The Last Mile)
2003.03.08 Vera Downstage, Groningen (+ Karbo)
2003.04.25 Mukkus, Leeuwarden (+ O’Hara, Executzione)
2003.05.24 Onderbroek, Nijmegen (+ Heroes And Zeroes)
2003.08.29 De Brouwerij, Hengelo (+ Anti-Soma)
2003.09.12 De Platte Zoal, Maastricht (+ Green Dream, Ongenode Gaste, Hey Day, Pecker)
2003.09.13 Mukkus, Leeuwarden (+ O’Hara)
2003.10.10 Bar En Boos, Leiden (+ Mistake)
2003.11.30 ACU, Utrecht (+ Petrgrad, Aggra Macabra)

2004.03.26 Bar Le Duc, Groningen (+ Makiladoras, Skint)
2004.04.28 Schlachthof, Bremen GER (+ Shikari, Todes Punk Squadron)
2004.04.30 Kunstverein, Neurenberg GER (+ Chemieverseucht, Riot Brigade)
2004.05.02 Rock’n’Trini, Barcelona SPA (+ Chaos U.K., Lexapunk)
2004.05.03 Arrebato, Zaragoza SPA
2004.05.04 Orbeko Etxea, Llodio SPA
2004.05.05 Sala Mogambo, San Sebastian SPA
2004.07.02 Eureka, Zwolle (Last Gig)

Vera, Groningen 08.03.2003
Vera, Groningen 08.03.2003
Vera, Groningen 08.03.2003