(1987 – 1989)

Meaning bandname: “Hophead is an umbrella term for users of everything from cocaine to marijuana”, inspired by us thru Charles Bukowski.

Bio: Formed in the summer of 1987 to do something different than the usual. The four members combine their different individual musical taste into something of a mix of various styles.The first recordings are in Simplon, Groningen on 27th November 1987 for the Gas! LP in front of a live audience. The Skull With Symbols Of Life & Death demo is recorded in De Bunker/Het Viadukt by Bob Veldhuis (RIP) and Geert Gritter on 2 and 3 July 1988.

Lyrics: About life in general and about the unemployed or scholarship student in his early twenties in a medium big Dutch city.

Description: Punkrock with influences from speed/thrashmetal, hardcore and funk.


Rinze Rinzema – guitar
Igor Mönnink – bass
Paul Jainandun Singh – vocals
Thomas De Jager – drums, vocals

Other bands:
Rinze Rinzema – Ampachen, De Sade & His Dancing Dildo’s, Vortex, Katarakt, Bloodcrust, De Punk Rock Heavy Metal Karaoke Band
Igor Mönnink – Thud!, Kleg, Wurlitzer, De Punk Rock Heavy Metal Karaoke Band
Paul Jainandun Singh – Sic’s, Capo, Metal Hippies, Hanuman, Athletic Pooha, Dichters uit Epibreren
Thomas De Jager – Thud!, Black Fag, Pear, Whipster, The Serenes, Slide, Simmer, Avery Plains

1988 – Skull With Symbols Of Life & Death TAPE (Selfreleased, NL)

1987 – Gas! LP (Futuremusic, NL)

1987.10.31 Simplon, Groningen
1987.11.27 Simplon, Groningen (+ Henk En Het Huis, Sid’s Overdose, Broertje Dood)
1987.12.12 Willem I, Arnhem

1988.01.08 Benzinebar, Groningen
1988.01.29 ’t Klooster, Groningen
1988.02.11 Burgerweeshuis, Deventer
1988.03.04 De Nije, Hoogezand (+ Henk En Het Huis, Sid’s Overdose, Broertje Dood)
1988.04.02 Helmond
1988.04.29 Breda
1988.05.06 LVC, Leiden
1988.05.14 Parkhof, Alkmaar
1988.05.22 Chi Chi Club, Winterswijk
1988.05.28 De Buze, Steenwijk (+ President Fetch, Raped Teenagers, Moonlizards)
1988.06.03 De Pluu, Winsum (+ The Blue Hearts, The Cause, Steel Against Steel, Swish)
1988.06.11 De Boerderij, Schagen
1988.06.24 Atak, Enschede
1988.06.25 Paard Van Troje, Den Haag
1988.07.09 De Onderbroek, Nijmegen
1988.09.02 Magnifiosi, Lisse
1988.10.16 HBO Trefcentrum, Nijmegen
1988.10.21 Simplon, Groningen (+ Die Kreuzen)
1988.11.13 Melkweg, Amsterdam

1989.02.24 De Pul, Uden
1989.03.03 O.R.K.Z., Groningen
1989.03.16 Vera, Groningen
1989.04.08 De Boerderij, Geleen