Hollands Glorie, A-Heads, Subhumans @ Simplon, Groningen 03 June 1983

This was the first concert where I brought a camera. After this one I brought it to most gigs but in alot of cases I fucked up coz I was too drunk to get out the filmroll and destroyed the photo’s. I clearly remember Van Gool (real name: Ralph van Oort), the big skinhead who regularly chased us small punks with a knife and act very violent. Later he’d become a diehard nazibiker (siegheiling at metalgigs with his friends) and partymember of the notorious CP’86.

Rob/Vacuüm, Nanno/Jetset, Van Gool harassing Rob/Bloedbad, Bart Droog, Theo, Marion in the back
Nanno/Jetset, Theo, Bart, Rob/Bloedbad, Marion in the back
Van Gool, Nanno, Speedy, Bart, Rob
Theo, Hanneke, Thermo, Bart, Herman/Jetset, Orgie, Dik, Jelle
Michel/Bloedbad, Bart, Orgie
Speedy on the arms of Thermo, Rob/Bloedbad in the front
Rob & Michiel/Puinhoop

Hollands Glorie (Den Haag, The Netherlands)
A-Heads (Warminster, UK)
Subhumans (UK)