(2011 – 2019)

Bio: In 2011 four friends that share a passion for fun, dumb jokes and 90’s punkrock in the style of early Blink 182, NoFX and Lagwagon, form a band. The first 4 song demo is recorded in the Viadukt in February and March 2012 while the guitar and bass was recorded at Richard’s place. A year later they record the 2nd demo at Richard’s place as well as all future recordings and after getting in touch with UK punkrockers ASBO Peepshow, they’ll record for a split that comes out on Morning Wood Records in 2014. Richard will record more bands with his Chaosplatz Recordings and finally in 2017 there’s a split CD with RunningLate from Zwolle.

Description: Punkrock

Frank Van Den Belt – guitar, vocals
Erik-Peter Schutter – bass, vocals
Johan Bokma – guitar
Richard Wierenga – drums

Other bands:
Frank Van Den Belt – Captain
Richard Wierenga – PCP, Burn The Elite, Skint, Indifferent Sun, System Bastard

2012 – Bud And The Barstool demo (Selfreleased, NL)
2013 – 4 AM Breakfast demo (First Off Records, USA)
2014 – Having A Full English CDr with Asbo Peepshow (Morning Wood Records, NL)
2017 – Hoist The Colours / RunningLate CD (Morning Wood Records, NL / Melodic Punk Style, POL)

2014 – Online Sampler ’14 CD (Morning Wood Records, NL)
2015 – A Tribute To Nofx: 40 or 41 Bands That Weren’t Good Enough To Go On The Other Compilations… CD (Not On Label, Bandcamp)
2015 – Punk Rock Christmas CD (Cleopatra, USA)
2017 – Punk Rock Christmas LP (Cleopatra, USA)
2017 – Raise Your Pints Vol.2 CD (MacSlon’s Irish Pub Radio, GER)

Concerts: (assorted)
2012.06.01 Gideon, Groningen
2012.06.09 Sodom Metal Open Air, Winschoten (+ Snaggletoöth, Deadcell, Salacious Gods, Rhovanion, Xerpentor, Act Of State, Quantum Theory, Destitution)
2012.07.07 Pulse, Groningen (+ Malamondo)
2012.07.28 Muziek Onder De Appelboom, Westerlee (+ Malamondo, Town Of Saints)
2012.08.01 Pakhuis, Groningen (+ Long Way Down)
2012.09.01 Bernouille Festival, Groningen (+ more)
2012.09.01 Oude LTS, Winschoten (+ more)
2012.09.13 Simplon, Groningen (+ Swim Or Drown, End Of Bunch)
2012.10.04 Iduna, Drachten (+ 13 Steps, Non De Plume)
2012.10.17 Warhol, Groningen (+ Chadstone, Freakndelic)
2012.11.01 Mukkes, Leeuwarden (+ Asbo Peepshow)
2012.12.01 J.C. De Dukdalf, Wieringerwerf (+ Sparky’s Revenge, Translated)
2012.12.14 Little Sally’s, Winschoten
2012.12.29 Simplon, Groningen (+ Desert Dead Cops, Doctor Scalpel And The Incisions, Tamar Lewis, Menhir)

2013.01.26 Boelie’s Pub, Winschoten(Runninglate, Long Way Down)
2013.03.09 Cheech & Chong, Dedemsvaart (+ None Shall Pass, To The Test)
2013.03.22 J.V. Blanko, Emmen (+ Captain, Long Way Down)
2013.03.28 Mukkes, Leeuwarden (+ Barely Awake, Sparky’s Revenge)
2013.03.29 Simplon, Groningen (+ Volchok, Goodbye Fairground, Western Grace)
2013.03.30 Café De Lichtboei, Harlingen (+ Homer, Jamestown, Generation 84)
2013.04.19 Het Bolwerk, Sneek (+ Stiff Little Fingers)
2013.06.01 The Pit, Groningen (+ Indifferent Sun, Narcolaptic)
2013.06.15 Vera Downstage, Groningen (+ Dowzer)
2013.06.29 G.G.I. Festival, Ballina IRE (+ Alps, Brain Dead Passengers, Bisect, Rats Blood, I’ll Eat Your Face, On Pain Of Death, Boss Sound Manifesto, Droppin Bombs, Them Martyrs, Thisclose, Fleas And Lice, Runnin’Riot)
2013.07.13 De Plu, Winsum (+ System Bastard, Mad Patrol, No-ID)
2013.08.24 Skatepark, Utrecht (+ Falus Worst Trick)
2013,10.18 Mukkes, Leeuwarden
2013.11.02 De Zolder, Groningen (+ The Anti-D’s, Ungah? Wugah!)
2013.11.22 ACU, Utrecht
2013.11.23 J.C. Solution, Hillegom (+ Crushing Caspars, Beer Beer Orchestra, The Murderburgers, Cornered, Voodoo Glow Skulls, The Setup, Andere Koek, Manu Armata, Coral Springs, Make It Last)
2013.12.21 De Kroeg, Oldenzaal

2014.01.04 J.C. Innocent, Hengelo (+ Man As Plague, Make It Last, Look My Way, Runninglate, Thirtest, Abyss Of Insanity, Manu Armata, Still Ill, Rott’n Damned)
2014.01.07 Vera Downstage, Groningen (+ Volchok)
2014.04.10 Simplon, Groningen (+ Cutting Grass)
2014.08.30 Vogelpop #8, Ansen (+ more) (Afternoon)
2014.08.30 Rock Café Ozzy, Apeldoorn
2014.10.25 Simplon, Groningen (+ Dowzer, Shit Hits The Fan, Runninglate)

2015.01.09 Vera, Groningen (+ Jaya The Cat)
2015.01.16 De Walrus, Groningen (+ Santa Fé, Ungah? Wugah!, Fake O’s) (Grunnsonic)
2015.03.06 Jack’s, Zwolle (+ Coral Springs, Runninglate)
2015.04.04 Lola, Groningen (+ The Capaces, Diesel Breath)
2015.05.03 Iduna, Drachten (+ Teenage Bottlerocket, Masked Intruder, The Gamits)
2015.05.26 Mukkes, Leeuwarden (+ Larrakia, Dorian Gort)
2015.09.26 Het Viadukt, Groningen (+ The Objectorz, System Bastard, De Fuckups, Bareback, Decibel Freaks, Spitfire) (G.G.I. Festival)
2015.10.16 Lola, Groningen (+ Black Bomb A)
2015.10.17 Vera Downstage, Groningen (+ R.C. Sullivan)

2016.02.25 Mukkes, Leeuwarden (+ Ravenna, Note To Army)
2016.03.26 Stadscafé Rekneck, Harlingen (+ Ravenna, Coral Springs)
2016.04.16 Boelie’s Pub, Winschoten (+ Runninglate, Demon Smiles)
2016.06.04 Café De Bel, Rotterdam (+ Dowzer)
2016.07.09 Hellas, Den Haag (+ Drunk Tank, Weidetulpjes, Coral Springs, Killer Racoons, Off The Charts, Kinderen Tegen Kinderen, Zonde, Hamburger Bookings, Muffdiver, Noyalty, Funtime Records) (Punkrock Soccer Fest)
2016.12.02 Mix, Wolvega (+ Cosmute, Flashbang)

2017.02.17 Cab03, Leiden (+ Coral Springs, Harsh Realms)
2017.04.27 De Spieghel, Groningen (+ Isotopes, Los Pepes)
2017.07.07 Lazarus, Leiden (+ Oskoed Slotters, DudeRanch, Coral Springs) (Punkrock Soccer Prefest)
2017.07.08 Hellas, Den Haag (+ I Against I, Drunktank, Noyalty, Kinderen Tegen Kinderen, Five Years Later, Killer Raccoons From Hell, Coral Springs, Woutisgout, Oskoed Slotters, Hamburger Bookings, Zonde, Waardeloos, Union Off The Lines, Funtime Records, No Sins, Dowzer, March) (Punkrock Soccer Fest)
2017.08.19 The High Nellie Pub, Garryhill IRE (+ Ex-Cathedra, Decibel Freaks, Sick Of Talk, Ramrod, Komplex, Persona Non Data, De Fuckups, Unhaim, AARGH Fuck Kill!, Filthpact, The Jollars, Bisect, Bachhus, Doppleskangers, Wild Rocket Shithatt, Cancrusher, Putrefaction, The Dubtones, Blow Ins Surge, Realistic Train, Septic Pussy, Grit, Younameus Undertakers, Boss Sounds Manifesto, United Bottles, Aggressors BC, Lawfucker, Deathgrip, The Turn Deaf Kidneys, Sense Deficiency, Subordinate) (G.G.I. Festival)

2018.01.19 De Walrus, Groningen (+ more) (Grunnsonic)
2018.01.27 Mukkes, Leeuwarden (+ Runninglate, Coral Springs)
2018.02.17 Jacks Music Bar, Zwolle (+ Runninglate, Meddler, Zuna)
2018.04.28 Walhalla, Deventer (+ Runninglate, Ink Bomb)
2018.07.14 Hellas, Den Haag (+ more)
2018.09.15 Het Viadukt, Groningen (+ Tonic All-Stars, Suffering Quota, Youth Deprivation, Soul Theft) (G.G.I. Festival)
2018.10.28 Iduna, Drachten (+ Sun-O-Bathers, Generation 84, Priceduifkes, Vitamin X, I Against I, Down By Law)
2018.11.17 Lola, Groningen (+ Antillectual, Long Way Down)

2019.02.22 Mukkes, Leeuwarden (+ 10 To Go)