Hiatus / Fleas And Lice – Live In Brno 20.06.93 TAPE 1994

Band: Hiatus / Fleas And Lice
Title: Live In Brno 20.06.93
Label: Thieves And Lies, Germany / Anti-Copyright Tapes + More, Germany
Year: 1994
A01. In The Beginning…
A02. Devastation Of Life
A03. Bloodshot
A04. Horrendous Police Control
A05. Bloody Prejudice
A06. Way Of Doom
A07. Upper Class Crisis
A08. Mindless Movement
A09. Disarm The Bastards
A10. Purulent Stench Of War
A11. Point Of No Return
A12. Carefull Consumption
A13. Marketing Joke
B01. Wombwork
B02. Fleas And Lice
B03. Huntscum
B04. I Don’t Need You
B05. Hiding In Masses
B06. Deutschland
B07. Rave Is Your Grave
B08. I Don’t Give A Fuck
B09. Negative
B10. Enough Is Enough
Comment: First released on Scream Records from Poland