Gride / Cockroach – Ve Stinu / Cockroach 7″ EP 2002

Title: Ve Stinu / Cockroach
Label: K.A.Z., Slowakia
Recorded: GRIDE: Prodigy Studio, České Budějovice CZE 01.2000 / COCKROACH: Practiseroom 15-16.07.2000 by Erwin Hermse
Year: 2002
Press: 1000
Comment: Repress of the Cockroach-Gride 7” EP / handnumbered and with A4 insert & 2 stickers
A01. Nutnost?
A02. Slova
A03. Ve Stina
A04. Hranice
B01. Macho
B02. The Biggest Mistake Of My Life
B03. Lost Generation
B04. Controlized Mind
B05. Gemeentewerkers