Fleas And Lice – Fleas And Lice TAPE 1997

Band: Fleas And Lice
Title: Fleas And Lice
Label: TKA, Poland
Year: 1997
A01. Back In The Streets
A02. Sick Of It All
A03. Living For Pleasure, Not For Pain
A04. Hunt Scum
A05. Demotivating Song
A06. Woke Up This Morning
A07. Deutschland
A08. Heroin Kills
B01. I Don’t Need You
B02. Rave Is Your Grave
B03. Hiding In Masses
B04. You What?
B05. Fleas And Lice
B06. Enough Is Enough
B07. Up The Punks
B08. Negative
B09. The AmeriCan Dream Is A Nightmare
Comment: A compilation of the split LP with Bleeding Rectum, the Parasites 7″ EP, the split 7″ EP with Battle Of Disarm, and the split 7″ EP with Assrash / comes with translation insert //