Execradores, Mihoen! @ OCCII, Amsterdam 26 April 2000

We get the famous Dredwin food. I convince Billie Boycot to come to the concert. Cool. Mihoen blow me away even though the equipment is rotten. I’m totally impressed. Execradores give a lecture about Brasil and everybody’s listening with interest. Remarkable!
After the concert we get a tour through the building. It’s much bigger and especially deeper than I thought. Execradores set themselves up as the anarcho-ambassadors from Brasil. They want to know every single detail about the building, situation, neighbourhood, city, activities…etc.etc. Everything! The camera’s are clicking again and the video’s zooming. We need some time to get used to this much interest and enthusiasm.

Organizer: Dredwin


Execradores (São Paulo, Brasil)
Mihoen! (Utrecht, The Netherlands)