Execradores, Hybris, Asmodinas Leichenhaus @ K13, Gent BEL 25 April 2000

Execradores are from Sao Paulo, Brasil and play since 199X. Zorel just joined a couple months ago.
After saving for a year this is their very first time in Europe.
Paulo – bass/vocals, Josimas – guitar/vocals, Zorel – drums/vocals, Fabrizio – roadie/vocals/guitar, Alan – vocals/guitar/capoeira

Schiphol Airport, Amsterdam NL 25.04.2000 On first acquintance they tell us they are very angry…. They don’t understand why they have to bring their own instruments and drumstuff. Is there no band solidarity in Europe? Ugh, there’s the first cultureshock. Then another: it’s the first warm day in Holland, about 20 degrees. We’re wearing t-shirts and enjoying the comfy weather. We see them freezing: wearing jackets, shawls, woolen caps and gloves!!! After 1 minute in the van, just before leaving the parkingplace, we get stopped by a cop who check us. Promising start… We crash in Amsterdam, meet some Dir Yassin friends and Billie Boycot. We spent 1 ½ day sight-seeing and getting to know eachother.

K13, Gent BEL 26.04.2000 Beautiful squat. They do many concerts. We are surprised to see everything cleaned. Delicious food made by a redskin. The next cultureshock: in Brasil all skins are nazi/fascist/nationalist so our friends feel quite uncomfortable with this situation. This leads to some amusing discussions. By now we notice that all of them took a camera plus two videocameras as well. Every 5 minutes there’s a flash or a buzz. There’s lots of people turning up for the concert and we meet an Eurodusnie delegation (making some info for the 30.4 action) plus the Axiom people. Hybris and Asmodinas Leichenhaus can’t excite me much. They don’t seem to be much inspired coz most of the time they’re playing with their backs to the crowd. Execradores sound totally different than on their split with Sin Dios. Very sloppy and chaotic hardcorepunk. I have a hard time finding any structure. However, the explanations and information given before and in between songs are very comprehensive. Their message is very strong, direct. The sound is only a method for spreading their word. The whole concert is more like a info-nite about the situation in Brasil and anarchism. I only miss the slide-projector (which was basically meant to take but we couldn’t find anybody to borrow from). After the concert Zorel makes a hit with a girl and gets assaulted by her in the nite. Yes, groupie-time…

Organizer: Nico

I got some Portugese lessons
Crashing in Amsterdam
Execradores ; everybody joins in during the last song. Here the band take over the drum. Fabrizio improvises on the guitar. Great exotic sound.

Execradores (São Paulo, Brasil)
Hybris (Germany)
Asmodinas Leichenhaus (Germany)