Execradores, Extorsion @ Gaztetxea, Bergara SPA 08 October 2002

In Skandinavia we got a problem with one of the wheelaxes of the van. The garage said it was safe to keep driving but eventually it has to get repaired.We checked several places for repair but it was just too expensive. In Germany we had to drive either 80 km/h (behind a truck or lorry) or any faster than 110. Everything in between got the steeringwheel shaking so much resulting in no control. In Basque country we had some days off, organized a place to stay (thanks Orbeko Gaztetxea in Llodio), checked garages and found a good one. It took a day before they got the part and another to make the repair. When we got the receipt, we thought a zero was missing. Even the part was cheaper here than in Western Europe. On the 10th we’ll go to Zaragoza to meet with our good friends of Sin Dios.

Off and waiting in the Orbeko Gaztetxea

Execradores (São Paulo, Brasil)
Extorsion (Bergara, Spain)