Execradores, Asmodinas Leichenhaus, Hybris @ Kortsluiting, Utrecht 27 April 2000

In the afternoon there is a demonstration against repression in Utrecht. We decide to join. First drop the equipment and stuff. We get free food at the soup-kitchen (kind of Food Not Bombs project) in the city-centre. Next to the meetingplace for the demo. We see two typically sturdy “autonomous-clothed” persons walking to the cops. They start shaking hands… I know in Utrecht the cops use different tactics (the social approach) towards squatters and demonstrators but to see this actually in action with the adversaries going along. On an anti-repression demonstration, if you please. That’s for yet another cultureshock! The demo is pretty big and our friends go nuts with their audio/video-equipment. Especially when the cops get “stoned” with sponges. Suddenly the Belgium groupie appears and hassling us about Zorel. She is obsessed by him… After the demo is the concert with lots of people. The groupie going nuts taking tons of pics of Zorel. Somehow she manages to stay with us that nite and tries to join in the rest of the tour. Arghhh.

Organizer: Klaartje/Pariah Collective

Execradores (São Paulo, Brasil)
Hybris (Germany)
Asmodinas Leichenhaus (Germany)