(Groningen, 1991-1992)

Squatted on 12 December 1991, evicted on December 1992, re-squatted and evicted in January 1993. A big villa (used to be an office building) in the centre of Groningen. There’s room for Salmonella (a food kitchen), a 2-monthly disco and a bar on Wednesday and Saturday night plus Sunday afternoon.

Concerts: (selected)
1992 Burn, Lick A Wallsocket
1992.05.09 John The Fiddler On The Roof
1992.07.03 Vrouwenfeest
1992.07 Selfish, War System
1992.10.30 Supertouch, G-Side

More info:
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Leef In Chaos 17.04.1992
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Leef In Chaos 30.01.1993