E.N.E. – When The American Dream Is Over TAPE 1988

Title: When The American Dream Is Over
Label: Selfreleased, NL
Year: 1988
Recorded: Studio Boterdiep, Groningen 11.06.1988
demo 11.06.88
A01. Mac Donalds
A02. Sexism
A03. Consuming Moron
A04. Civilised Shit
A05. Those Who Kill
A06. Gietema Moet Dood
A07. Peace Of
A08. Porno Stinks
A09. Sick
live in Tripoli 21.02.88
B01. Vivisection
B02. Animal Abuse
B03. Bloodsport
B04. Sexism
B05. Mac Donalds
B06. System Shit (cover)
B07. Le Pen Creve Salope
B08. Honour, Pride And Heroism
B09. Disneyland
B10. War Is Profit
B11. Civilised Shit
B12. Anti-Born In The U.S.A.
B13. Arbeiter
B14. Hippie Song
B15. Peace
Comment: live in Tripoli = 1000 Appeltjes, Antwerpen BEL