(2003 – 2009)

Meaning Bandname: Combination of Destroy and Oi!

Bio: Formed in the summer of 2003 in Oude Pekela. Mixing Oi and Anarchopunk into a style they call themselves Chaos Oi Core. Inspiration come from The 4-Skins, The Exploited, One Way System and Oxymoron. They start to practice without a drummer at the Aslander family in October 2003 where the band Wrong Identity also practices. After a switch of instruments by all members, they finally get Arthur on drums. In April 2004 the band got their name Destroi! On 14th May 2004 was the first gig in Meeden but bassplayer Laurens leaves to Belgium and gets replaced by Eric, the younger brother of Arthur. At the beginning of July 2004 they added Harrie as 2nd guitarplayer.

Description: A mix of Anarchopunk and Oi

Harrie – guitar (2004 – 2009)
Eric – bass (2004 – 2009)
Arthur – drums (2004-2009)
Johan – vocals
Raymond – bass (2003-2004), guitar (2004-2009)

Laurens – guitar (2003-2004), drums (2004-2004), bass (2004 – 2004)

Other bands:
Laurens – Heros And Zeros
Harrie – Onrust
Eric – Oliver’s Dream

2004 – demo (Selfreleased, NL)
Recorded by Frank van Etten
2004 – Chaos Oi! Core 1st Official Demo CD (Selfreleased, NL)
Recorded @ T&W Computer Service /Mixed by Arnoud Hensen 14.11.2004

2008 – Mind Your Own Fucking Business Volume 2 LP (Teenangel Radical Recordings, NL)

Concerts: (assorted)
2004.05.14 J.C. Maigré Tout, Meeden
2004.07.23 De Vastloper, Winschoten
2004.08.07 Reggie’s Party, Nieuwe Pekela

2005.01.23 Platformtheater, Groningen (Rode Oortjes Festival)
2005.03.12 De Pluu, Winsum
2005.04.14 Simplon, Groningen
2005.05.21 De Dobbe, Roden (+ Eskimo, Blackbelt Johnson, Monestry)
2005.07.30 Veenfest, Veendam (+ Ion, No Regrets, Xi-Void, No Repair, Voodoo, Black Belt Johnson, Beautiful Desire, Crack Of Dawn, Melanocaster, O.D. Babe)
2005.12.02 Dorpshuis De Snikke, Oude Pekela (+ Unique, Incoma)

2006.03.16 Simplon, Groningen (+ My Sister Harold, Pinheadz, The Four PM Station, Unit RC 867, The Niggers, Crack Of Dawn, Tricks Of Shade, Jan Peter Politier Rock, Bend, Gezeik, Why Not)
2006.04.01 De Dobbe, Roden (+ C.S.I., Jpprock, Besides That)

2007.07.07 Het Broesen, Nieuwe Pekela (+ Incoma and more)

2008.03.15 De Buze, Steenwijk (+ Intoxication, De Klootviolen, Snooze)
2008.03.29 De Quakel, De Kwakel (+ Bruiseheads, Netnixz, Kots, Opvoeding, Vizor, Terror Defence, Violet, De Rimmers)
2008.05.17 Aeilko Zijkerhuis, Nieuw Beerta
2008.05.24 Mercurius Theater, Assen (+ Boob Stew, Gandhi’s Revenge, De Klootviolen and more)
2008.07.05 De Spil, Nieuwe Pekela (+ Above The Rules, De Klootviolen, Livesized, Snooze, Krom De Bende) (Broezen In De Pekel)
2008.10.11 De Smeerlap, Groningen (+ No Worse, De Klootviolen)
2008.12.12 De Oefenbunker, Landgraaf (+ De Klootviolen, Burn Out)
2008.12.13 Camion, Margraten (+ De Klootviolen)
2008.12.19 The Legend, Sneek (+ Monster Mash, Intxication, Fed By Trash, The Fartz)

2009.02.28 MFC, Coevorden (+ De Klootviolen, The Fartz, Extreme Brutal Punx, Catnap O.D.)