(1999 – 2004)

Bio: Formed at the Multifunctioneel Centrum in Grijpskerk by Gerard, Fokko, Aris and Nico in 1999. Ernst joins as a 2nd guitarplayer in March 2000 and soon after Arjan on bassguitar. Music is composed by Nico, lyrics written by Fokko and Gerard.

Lyrics: Critical to society. About arrogant straight-edge assholes and supermarkets in small villages that don’t carry vegetarian products.

Description: Hardcore

Fokko Feringa – vocals
Gerard Hummel – vocals
Aris Houwing – drums
Nico Plantenga – guitar
Ernst Franx – guitar (2000-2004)
Arjan Koopman – bass (2000-2004)

Other bands:
Aris Houwing – Katafalk, Krachmacher, Seizure, The Last Mile
Ernst Franx – Krachmacher
Nico Plantenga – Krontjong Devils, Killteam, Krachmacher

2002 – 8 song demo (Unreleased, NL)
Recorded @ Oosterhamrikkade, Groningen 2002 by Tiemen
2002 – Contradict CDr (Selfreleased, NL)
Recorded @ Oosterhamrikkade, Groningen 2002 by Tiemen

Concerts: (assorted)
2001.05.18 Oude ULO, Leek (+ Shikari, Revolt)
2001.05.24 Platformtheater, Groningen (+ Betercore, The Last Mile)
2001.05.27 Het Podium, Hoogeveen (+ Bloodlust, Dead By Dawn, Face Tomorrow + 2)

Shadows clip

Source: Nico Plantenga