(Schiedam, 1980 – 1981)

Bio: After everybody joked they should start a band because they couldn’t handle an instrument, Diana, Jacqueline and Tanja start the band. In February Hélène joined and at the time they’re the only all girl band around Rotterdam. Do covers of “No Fun” of the Stooges and “Blitzkrieg Bop” of the Ramones. Appear on K.R.O. Radio.

Jacqueline de Haas – bass
Diaan Roozen – drums
Tanja op ‘t Ende – vocals
Hélène J. – guitar

Concerts: (selected)
1980.04.26 ANJV, Schiedam (+ S5, Gottersnipes)
1980.09.27 Gustohal, Schiedam (+ MP’s, Alaska, S5)

1981.01.17 Simplon, Groningen (+ S5, MP’s)
1981.04.09 Jongerenoverleg Festival, Capelle Aan De IJssel (+ Immer Geradeaus Band, Treasure Mountain Band, R.K. Veulpoepers BV, Frozen Frog, Bart Chabot)
1981.05.21 Op Stap, Capelle Aan De IJssel (+ Even Goede Vrienden)