Title: Camera Obscura 6
From: Groningen, The Netherlands
Year: September 1994
Editor: Mike Lebbing, Michael Kopijn
Size: A4
02 – Voorwoord
02 – Inhoud
03 – Brussels Lof (Roses Are Dead, Blue Ice, Blind Side, The Magic Crane, Ed And His Dead Mother, Love Cheat And Steal, The Wrong Man, Slaughter Of The Inocents)
05 – Rotterdam Film Festival 1994 (The Lisa Theory, Schramm, A Moment Of Romance 2, Monkeys In Paradise, Sonatine, The Heroic Trio, Fong Sai-Yuk, Fong Sai-Yuk 2, Vibroboy, Snake Eyes)
08 – Italian Horror Cinema Is Dead? (In English)
09 – Architect Of Horror: Gianetto De Rossi Interview (In English)
12 – Jachtverhalen A La Zaroff
14 – In The Blood (Andy Lau)
14 – Passionate Killing In The Dream
14 – Dragon Force
15 – Rick’s Notenbar
16 – Hindu Horror: An Introduction To Hindu Cinema (100 Days, Ajooba Kudrat Kaa, Aadmi Aur Apsara, Veerana)
18 – Phantasmagoria Revisited: De Films Van Jean Rollin Deel 2 (Levres De Sang, Les Raisins De La Mort, Fascination, La Nuit Des Traquees, La Morte Vivante, Le Lac Des Morts Vivants, Perdues Dans New York, Femme Dangereuse)
24 – Entering Love’s Secret Domain: Jean Rollin Interview Part 2 (In English)
26 – Jean Rollin Filmography (In English)
35 – Rawhead Rex (In English)