(Den Haag, 1979 – 1980)

Meaning Bandname: Invented by Kees and Marco. Binnenlandse Veiligheids Dienst (= Bureau of National Security). It’s the name of the Dutch secret service. This Dutch government service, preferably working sneaky, got public because we chose the same name. They wanted to operate in secret and wasn’t waiting for any public attention.

Bio: Formed in 1979. Before it was named ECT (Electro Convulsion Therapy) which was some sort hobby project (Marco was still in The Mollesters but was searching for more musical and textual depth). Started to play covers (“Waiting for the Man” and “Kicks & Kill Your Sons” by Lou Reed, “Garageland” by The Clash, “Dirt” by The Stooges, “Anarchy” by The Sex Pistols) and own songs are written by Kees and Marco, the latter sings most own songs. Influenced by The Clash, The Jam and some Sex Pistols and Ruts. Fourth drummer Lex joins in late 1979 and they start rehearsing 4-5 times a week in a cellar of the Kazemestraat in Den Haag which is the address of a brother of Lex. They also accompany Ton van der Meer where they often do a BVD set as well. There’s a 25 gig tour through The Netherlands in the spring/summer of 1979. The band ends in late 1980.

Kees den Heijer aka Case aka Kees Kingsize – guitar & vocals
Marco van der Hoeven – bass & vocals
Lex ‘t Hart – drums (1979-1980)

Leen – drums 1 (1979-1979)
Anthony Delmonte Lyon † – drums 2 (1979-1979)
Marco Kusters aka Marco Rat – drums 3 (1979-1979)

Other bands:
Marco van der Hoeven – The Mollesters, Hollands Glorie, Head & Shoulders, Riddim Squad, Haemorhoids, Poespas, ECT
Marco KustersKetchup, 3rd Generation
Kees den Heijer – The Peasants Are Revolting, ECT, Head & Shoulders, Riddim Squad
Lex ‘t Hart – ECT
Anthony Delmonte Lyon – Herman Brood, De Raggende Mannen

1980 – Country Of Liberty 7” EP (No Level Productions, NL)
Recorded @ 2de IJzerstraat, Rotterdam by André van de Sande / Press: 500 / White and pink sleeves

1996 – I’m Sure We’re Gonna Make It. Dutch Punkrock ’77 – ’82 CD (Epitaph, Europe)
1996 – Punkrock From Holland: A Compilation Of Original Early Dutch Punk LP (Not On Label, NL)
1997 – Feel Lucky Skunk?! LP (Look Back In Anger, GER)
2013 – Waiting For World War III (Punk Rarities 1977-’83) CDr (Fab Fuhrer Records, BEL)
2016 – I Don’t Care Volume 2 – Dutch Punk 1977 – 1983 2xLP (Pseudonym, NL)
2016 – I Don’t Care Collection (Dutch Punk 1977-1983) 2x CD (Pseudonym, NL)
2019 – The Cops Are Coming (Punk Rarities 1977-’83) CDr (Fab Fuhrer Records, BEL)

1979 – Kaasee Krand November-December
1980 – Art In Revolution 3
1980 – Bericht Uit Den Haag 1
1980 – Voices 4
1980 – Strijdzweet 7

Concerts: (selected)
1979.04.30 Vondelpark, Amsterdam (+ Ton van der Meer, Doe Maar and more)
1979.06.23 Buk Buk, Heiloo (+ Ton van der Meer)
1979.06.27 Openluchttheater Muzeval, Emmen (+ Ton van der Meer)
1979.09.09 New Pop Festival, Rotterdam (+ Ton van der Meer and more)
1979.10.06 Kaasee, Rotterdam (+ Ketchup, Kreche)
1979.12.08 Kaasee Rotterdam (+ Ketchup, The Brommers)
1979.12.14 De Eland, Delft (+ The Brommers, Ketchup)
1979 Paard van Troje, Den Haag (+ Ton van der Meer)
1979 Pakschuit, Scheveningen

1980.01.04 Het Paard Van Troje, Den Haag (+ Mollesters, The Brommers) (for VPRO’s Oorkussen that recorded 7 songs)
1980.02.01 O’16, Voorburg (+ The Brommers)
1980.02.15 Pakhuis, Delft (+ The Brommers)
1980.02.21 Paradiso, Amsterdam (+ Ketchup, Kreche)
1980.04.11 De Effenaar, Eindhoven (+ Ketchup, Kreche)
1980.04.12 Drieluik, Zaandam (+ Ketchup, Kreche)
1980.04.15 Melkweg, Amsterdam
1980.05.01 Kaasee, Rotterdam (+ Art In Revolution)
1980.05.11 Doornroosje, Nijmegen (+ Ketchup, Willy Nilly)
1980.05.15 Paradiso, Amsterdam (+ Neon Graffiti, Neon Lillies, Ego)
1980.05.31 Parkhof, Alkmaar (+ The Ex, Workmates, Krikk, The Giantsz, Putrid Fever, Oxid, Cloaca, World War Rockerz, Delinquents, Workmates, Ketchup, Hilversum 5, Kreche) (Rock Against Sonoy)
1980.06.02 Eksit, Rotterdam (+ The Brommers)
1980.06.07 Nieuwendijk Festival, Amsterdam (+ Workmates, Porno’s, Ketchup)
1980.06.14 Festival Of Fools, Amsterdam (+ Inside Nipples, The Ex, Ketchup, The Bugs, The Nitwitz, Workmates and more)
1980.06.20 Strandtent Las Vegas, Scheveningen (+ Ketchup)
1980.06.28 Simplon, Groningen (+ Ketchup)
1980.12.04 De Kroeg, Den Haag (+ Ketchup)
1980 Effenaar, Eindhoven (+ Willy Nilly)
1980 Groote Keijzer, Amsterdam (recorded by Veronica TV)
1980 Oktopus, Amsterdam

Source: Marco van der Hoeven