(Groningen, 2022 – now)

Bio: Stijn and Inger form the band at the beginning of September 2022. Jalte comes up with the bandname and Jonas writes the lyrics. Until June 2023 they practise at Bijvrijdag and switch in July to Hundread Sound Accompany. The band plays own songs and one cover (“Dirty Underwear” by Anti-Bitch). Jonas replaces Jamie as vocalist in November 2022. They record their first album with Shabby Records in July 2023.

Description: Hardcorepunk

Stijn Louwes – drums
Jalte Veeman – guitar
Jonas Boekhoven – vocals (2022-now)
Inger Jellema – bass

Jamie Kindt – vocals (2022-2022)

2023 – Literal Punk Shit (Internet, NL)
Recorded @ Shabby Records 21.07.2023 by Harmen de Bruin

2023.04.15 Anarchistisch Jongeren Weekend, Appelscha (+ Retch, Clitteband)
2023.05.05 Gideon, Groningen (+ Toprot, Persona Non Data)
2023.06.03 Pigeonfest, Groningen (+ Espresso Martini & Friends, Mart Eerens & Quality Control, Bosbrand, Youth Deprivation, Spherical Cow, Geronimo)

Source: Jalte Veeman