(Alkmaar, 1995 – 2000)

Meaning Bandname: The name is a somewhat whipped joke. When Disciples Of Tonka aka DOT and Convulsion stopped at the same time, some bandmembers continue as Convulsions Of Tonka aka COT. After half a year the musical style changed drastically and the bassplayer and singer were replaced by more “professional” musicians. This all happened in the shared rehearsalspace in Parkhof in Alkmaar. A singer meets a nameless band without a singer and the joke BoyCOT was made which stayed the name of the band.

Bio: Boycot was a political anarcho punk band from Alkmaar, started in 1995 and gained a lot of attention with their debut 7″. ‘Only Stupid Bastards help Epitaph’, which was supported with an anti-Epitaph postcard action. They played fast, raw, crustpunk with enough variations. Lyrics against religion, animal cruelty, homophobia, greedy Multi-Corporations and an continued diatribe against the sellout of punk rock: “No NOFX, Fuck Offspring, Slay Green Day…”. Their first recordings were released in East Europe as a split-tape with Jobbykrust. Furthermore they have released splits with Argue Damnation, Insane Youth, Yuppiecrusher, Distress, Betercore, Tuco Ramirez and Fleas And Lice. They played many shows in Europe and did a tour through the USA in 1999. In the beginning of 2000 it was time for something new, so they decided to quit. After 2000 the band has done numerous reunion concerts in various line-ups. Often more concerts were done with serious practising but there was never a continuation of the band

Description: Ordinary hardcorepunk

Billi Kuiper aka Billi Boycot – vocals
Jeroen Maas – bass
Lennaert Roomer – guitar (1996-2000)
Taco Rietveld – drums

Eric-Jan Breed – guitar (1995-1996)
Pim Bakker – vocals (1995-1998)
Goska Gruppa – vocals [2005-2010)
Niels Hoogers – guitar (2005-now)
Odin Gooyer – vocals (2010-now)

Other bands:
Billi Kuiper – Dutch Courage, Ripdeal, Disciples of Tonka, Convulsions of Tonka, Distress, Betercore, Olho de Gato, Azrael, Serious Joke, Sangre, Deportation, Buiten Gebruik
Goska Gruppa – Sangre, Deportation, Diesel Breath, Suicidade
Jeroen Maas – Distroy
Lennaert Roomer – Chorus of Ruin, Claustrophobia, Discontrol, Distress, Harmony As One, Nailbomb, Wartorn, Soulstice
Niels Hoogers – Destroy, H.B.G., Abe Diddy & The Krautboys
Pim Bakker – C.K.N., Antipunks, the Rakes
Taco Rietveld – Betercore, Deluge, Sangre

1995 – Only Stupid Bastards Help Epitaph 7” EP (Axiome Production, FRA)
1996 – Jobbykrust / Boycot TAPE (Insane Society Records, CZE)
1997 – Just Don’t 7”EP with Argue Damnation (F.F.T. Label, JAP)
1997 – Boycot / Insane Youth 7” EP (Not On Label)
1997 – Seperation From Society 7” EP with Distress (Sonic Rendezvous, NL / Ignition Records, NL)
1998 – Boycot / Betercore 7” EP (Wasted Youth Power Records, NL)
1999 – Boycot / Yuppiecrusher 7” EP (Sacro K-Baalismo, AUS / Libertad O Muerte, AUS)
1999 – Boycot / Tuco Ramirez 7” EP (Truj?ca Fala, POL)
2000 – Boycot / Fleas And Lice 7” EP (Deadlock Records, NL)
2004 – Total Boycot 1995 – 2000 CD (Angry Records, ITA)

1995 – Bits Of Noise 2 CD (WRF Records, NL)
1995 – 1995. TAPE (F.F.T. Records, JAP)
1996 – Wear Your Smell LP (Zoro, GER)
1996 – Elvis Bastard / Elvis Envy TAPE (Maloka, FRA)
1997 – Every Twenty Seconds 7” EP (Human Error Records, AUSTR / Voice Production, AUSTR)
1997 – Revolt Compilation Tape Volume II TAPE (Revolt Records, NL)
1997 – UPS Nederpunk Tape TAPE (UPS, NL)
1998 – DP (Or Not DP) # 1 TAPE (DP (Or Not DP), NL)
1999 – Iron Columns 2LP/CD (Mind Control, USA)
1999 – UPS The Record 7” EP (UPS, NL)
2000 – Youth Against Brutality CD (Cabriten Panchen Discos, ARG / Deifer Records, CHILI)
2000 – Okara / Kamizole Benefit CD (Fight For Your Mind, FRA)
2000 – DP (Or Not DP) # 3 TAPE (DP (Or Not DP), NL)
2001 – May All Be Free (An International Punk Compilation In Support Of Thhe Angola 3) CD (Deadmen On Holiday, USA)
2001 – Proud To Be Gay TAPE (UPS, NL)
2001 – Thrash For Cash TAPE (Aarshaar Rekkorts, CZE)
XXXX – Hageland Strikes Back! Volume 7 TAPE (Hageland Strikes Back, BEL)
XXXX – Animal Human Rights Benefit Tape TAPE (Not On Label)
XXXX – The Future Is Unwritten – The Second TAPE (Reflection Tapes, GER)

Concerts: (selected)
1995.04.01 Parkhof, Alkmaar
1995.05.08 Willem I, Arnhem (Festival)
1995.05.27 Parkhof, Alkmaar (Benefit)
1995.06.10 Boerderij, Oldenburg GER (Festival)
1995.06.30 Bakkerij, Castricum
1995.07.09 Parkhof, Alkmaar (Summer Festival)
1995.08.19 Glasfabriek, Groningen
1995.08.26 Baroeg, Rotterdam
1995.09.23 Schelderatten, Gent BEL
1995.10.29 Buk Buk, Heilo
1995.11.18 De Krakeling, Breda
1995.11.24 Dukdalf, Wieringewerf
1995.12.26 Parkhof, Alkmaar (+ Fleas And Lice, Hiatus) (Kerstival)
1995.12.27 Villa Omval, Amsterdam (+ Fleas And Lice, Hiatus)
1995.12.28 Glasfabriek, Groningen (+ Fleas And Lice, Hiatus)
1995.12.29 Metropool, Hengelo (+ Fleas And Lice, Hiatus)

1996.01.06 Troll, Hoorn (+ COT, Growachin, Travolta’s, Past Hate, Asmodeus)
1996.01.14 Swaf, Hoorn
1996.02.09 Pardoes, Hoogwoud
1996.02.29 Stationshal, Bremen GER
1996.03.16 La Zone, Liège BEL (+ Kort Process, Honey Honey)
1996.03.31 Sfinx, Heerenveen
1996.04.04 Baumann, Potsdam GER
1996.04.05 LSD Bar, Berlin GER (+ Disfear, Distress, Ebola)
1996.04.06 K.V.U., Berlin GER
1996.04.07 Stahlwerk, Berlin GER (+ Distress, Worhäts, Stahlwerk)
1996.04.13 Limerick, Edigem BEL (Festival)
1996.04.30 Schelderatten, Gent BEL (+ D.D.I., Peligro, End Of Ernie)
1996.05.24 The Foxsake, Amsterdam
1996.07.06 Parkhof, Alkmaar (+ Choke On This, Mind Peak Surfers, Distress, Fleas And Lice, Oi Polloi, D.R.I., Disfear, Nihao) (Summer Festival)
1996.07.10 Kulturfabrik, Luxembourg LUX (+ Fleas And Lice, Disfear)
1996.07.11 Le Vendemaire, Montreuil FRA (+ Fleas And Lice, Disfear)
1996.07.13 La Vapeur, Dijon FRA (Festival)
1996.07.17 Kompas, St. Niklas BEL (+ Distress, Dismachine)
1996.08.10 Punxpicnic, Horst (+ Deftig, LD’50, Zwaar Klote, Aso, Slamsquad, Distress and more)
1996.08.15 The Foxsake, Amsterdam
1996.08.17 Glasfabriek, Groningen (+ Collapse, Game Over, Korrupt, Distress, Gluebag, Zwaar Klote, Gruff, A-38, Chaos Bastards)
1996.09.02 Dschungel, Düsseldorf GER (+ Schlachtfest)
1996.09.08 De Blauwe Aanslag, Den Haag (+ Korrupt, Insane Youth, Slapstick, Distress, Portobello Bones) (North Sea Punk Festival)
1996.09.14 J.H. Limerick, Edegem BEL (+ Skatta, Mumoka, Intestinal Disease, Vandal X, Distress, A.A.K.)
1996.09.20 Vort’n Vis, Ieper BEL (+ D.D.I., Eversor and more) (8th Leed Festival)
1996.10.02 Culturbahnhof, Vegesack GER (+ Fleas And Lice, Fermented, Distress, Störfisch, Totmannschaltung, Distress, Gruff)
1996.10.23 OCCII, Amsterdam (+ Hellkrusher)
1996.11.09 Zoro, Leipzig GER (+ Uncurbed, Los Crudos, Society Gang Rape)
1996.11.10 Barrikade, Freiberg GER
1996.11.11 Riesa, Dresden GER
1996.11.12 007, Praha CZE (+ Los Crudos, Distress)
1996.11.13 Seda Litana, Brno CZE (+ Los Crudos, Lumen)
1996.11.14 E.K.H., Wien AUS (+ Los Crudos)
1996.11.22 Parkhof, Alkmaar
1996.12.07 Elektra, Sliedrecht
1996.12.14 De Buze, Steenwijk (+ Roggel, The Hungry I, Wiseguy, Distress)
1996.12.29 Swaf, Hoorn

1997.01.10 Azijnfabriek, Roermond (+ Zwaar Klote, Aso, Cradle To The Grave)
1997.01.11 Glasfabriek, Groningen (+ Distress, Yphobia, Fokdis, Fleas And Lice, No I.D., Venders Of Smut)
1997.01.24 AK47, Düsseldorf GER (+ Hammerhead, Impact)
1997.02.11 Dingus, Venray (+ Aso, Distress, Die Nakse Bananen, Mallorn)
1997.02.28 Dukdalf, Wieringerwerf
1997.03.22 Boerderij, Geleen (+ Solitary Confinement, Agathocles, Distress, Suppository, Cornucopia, Last Days Of Humanity) (Grind Your Mind II)
1997.04.26 Clockwork, Leuven BEL (+ Karma, Knüppel A.D.S., Counterattack, Katastrophobia, Holefiller)
1997.04.27 Scoutslokaal, Berchem BEL (+ C.K.N., C.O.T., Pislarven, No Mind Inside, Distress)
1997.05.03 Dukdalf, Wieringerwerf (+ No Mind Inside, Hype, Distress, Lump Sugar, Mind Peak Surfers, Marystea)
1997.05.09 OCCII, Amsterdam
1997.05.16 Pariaschool, Veldhoven (+ Präparation-H, Distress, Real Chaos)
1997.05.18 Vort’n Vis, Ieper BEL (+ Präparation-H, Acao Direta, Bloodsuckers)
1997.05.18 Hal, Lille FRA
1997.05.24 Tinck, Hoogeveen
1997.06.14 De Koog, Langedijk (+ The Stagger III, Deluge, Absconded, Spacemarins)
1997.06.28 La Zone, Liège BEL (+ Distress, Chaos Bastards, No I.D.)
1997.07.11 J.C. Ternat, Ternat BEL (+ Dystopia, Insane Youth)
1997.08.29 Eurodusnie, Leiden (+ Distress, Intestinal Disease, Cornucopia, Muggles)
1997.08.30 Vrankrijk, Amsterdam
1997.09.19 Glasfabriek, Groningen (+ C.K.N., Distress, Unhinged, Mad Punk Disease, Chaos Bastards) (9 Jaar “Het Vieze Mensen Huis” Feest)
1997.09.27 Zoro, Leipzig GER (+ 4Punks, Distress, Frammenti, Kerbholz) (4e Zoro Festival)
1997.12.13 Dukdalf, Wieringerwerf
1997.12.27 Clockwork, Leuven BEL (+ Oi Polloi, Accion Mutante, Ulrike’s Dream)
1997.12.28 J.H. Nijdrop, Opwijk BEL (+ Oi Polloi, Accion Mutante, Immodium)

1998.01.09 Sfinx, Heerenveen (+ Harass, Distress, Distruct)
1998.01.10 De Doos, Arnhem (+ Distress)
1998.01.23 De Openbare Orde, Nijmegen (+ Distress, Imphest)
1998.02.13 Rote Flora, Hamburg GER (+ Strahler 80, Knallkopf, Distress)
1998.02.14 A.Z., Mülheim GER (+ Distress, Unhinged)
1998.03.29 Soos Plock, Volkol
1998.04.11 Parkhof, Alkmaar (+ D.O.A., D.B.S., Distress, Krush)
1998.04.24 Köpi, Berlin GER
1998.04.25 Zoro, Leipzig GER (+ Distress, Wojczech, Cut Your Hair)
1998.04.26 La Dronka, Praha CZE ( + Distress)
1998.04.27 E.K.H., Wien AUS (+ Distress)
1998.04.29 L’Isola, Verona ITA (+ D.D.I.)
1998.04.30 La Sede, Vigevano ITA (+ D.D.I., DMG)
1998.05.01 Konradstrasse, Zürich SWI (+ Distress)
1998.05.08 Troll, Hoorn (+ Restrained, Tuco Ramirez, Yphobia)
1998.06.12 Q-Bus, Leiden (+ Krush, Betercore)
1998.07.01 Sojo, Kssel-Lo BEL (+ Distress, Charlie Don’t Surf, End Of Ernie, Visions Of War)
1998.07.17 Casa Blanca, Jena GER (+ Cripple Bastards)
1998.07.18 Stöckartstrasse, Leipzig GER
1998.07.25 Pizzaria, Pavia ITA (+ Bagger, The Sickoids and more)
1998.09.20 Het Podium, Hoogeveen (+ Oi Polloi, Delta Clone Project)
1998.09.26 De Bunker, Groningen (+ Distress, Sick On The Bus, Mad Punk Disease, Dislect, Quest For Fire, Gravediggers) (Bunkrock Festival)
1998.10.17 La Casa, Torino ITA (+ Distress, Insane Youth)
1998.10.18 La Villa, Milano ITA (+ Distress, Insane Youth)
1998.10.20 Izzo Isola, Verona ITA (+ Distress, Insane Youth)
1998.10.21 C.S.A., Udine ITA (+ Distress, Insane Youth)
1998.10.23 Sisto Quinto, Roma ITA (+ Distress, Insane Youth)
1998.10.25 Monastero, Bergamo ITA (+ Distress, Insane Youth, Insult)
1998.10.28 La Villa, Milano ITA (+ Distress, Insane Youth)
1998.10.30 La Sede, Vigevano ITA (+ Distress, Insane Youth, Entropia)
1998.10.31 La Scintella, Modena ITA (+ Destestation, Distress, Insane Youth)
1998.11.06 Mach, Hellevoetsluis (+ Jesus Cröst, Insane Youth)
1998.11.07 Parkhof, Alkmaar (+ Distress)
1998.11.14 De Raad, Alkmaar (+ Distress)
1998.12.05 Poortgebouw, Rotterdam (+ Distress)
1998.12.12 Dukdalf, Wieringerwerf (+ Koresh, Riptide, Tuco Ramirez, Loot, Azrael, Office Killer)

1999.02.05 Concertgebouw, Barneveld (+ Seein’ Red, Beans)
1999.02.16 Entrepotdok, Amsterdam (+ Soberesponse, Betercore, Ulrike’s Dream)
1999.02.27 Baroeg, Rotterdam (+ Seein’ Red, Distress, Die Nakse Bananen, I Reject, Brezhnev, Bobwire, Antidote)
1999.03.13 Bar & Boos, Leiden (+ Ratarsed, A.P.C.)
1999.03.26 Zaal 100, Amsterdam
1999.04.01 Le Squat, Lille FRA (+ Distress, Code XIII)
1999.04.02 Les Tanneries, Dijon FRA (+ Code XIII, Distress, Napalm Dance)
1999.04.03 MJC, Nancy FRA (+ Distress, Porc Blue, Code XIII)
1999.04.04 Los Buenos, Leuven BEL (+ Distress)
1999.04.14 OCCII, Amsterdam (+ Mass Murderers)
1999.05.21 Startloch, Hamburg GER (+ Betercore)
1999.05.22 Südanlage, Giessen GER (+ Betercore, Sperrzone)
1999.06.05 Trapman, Schagen (+ Distress, Tuco Ramirez)
1999.06.19 Théâtre des Oblats, Liège BEL (+ Fleas And Lice, No Mörder, Chaos Bastards, Karushi, 20 Minutes De Chaos, Bagger, Hellboozer, Distress)
1999.06.24 A.J.Z., Rostock GER
1999.06.26 Parkhof, Alkmaar (+ Crivits, Iedereen Zooo Jotje, Theo Reet, Macamba, NRA, The Most Secret Method, Unwound)
1999.08.02 Speak In Tongues, Lorain OH USA (+ Oi Polloi)
1999.08.03 The Lab, Colombus OH USA (+ His Hero Is Gone, E-150, From Ashes Rise, Brother Inferior, Seven Days Of Samsara)
1999.08.05 The Inferno, Minneapolis MIN USA (+ Distraught, Sick On The Bus, Onward To Mayhem)
1999.08.07 Old Barn Festival, Jim Falls WI USA
1999.08.10 Odum, Chicago IL USA (+ Oi Polloi, Harum-Scarum, Atras De Nada, Ambition Mission)
1999.08.13 Stalag 13, Philadelphia PA USA
1999.08.14 ABC No Rio, New York City NY USA (+ The Injections, Talk Is Poison, Dimitri Gurevitch, Quintette)
1999.09.04 Sfinks, Heerenveen (+ Vice Squad and more)
1999.09.04 Vrankrijk, Amsterdam (+ Olho Seco)
1999.09.10 AZ, Mülheim GER (Grind The Enemy Festival)
1999.09.11 Elektra, Sliedrecht (+ Bushokje, Betercore, Love Kills, Zwaar Klote, Die Nakse Banane, Disturbance)
1999.09.12 Blauwe Aanslag, Den Haag (+ I Reject, The Varukers)
1999.10.02 Argus, Alkmaar (+ Betercore, Distroy, Distress)
1999.10.10 Entrepotdok, Amsterdam (+ Brother Inferior, Dir Yassin)
1999.10.16 De Raad, Alkmaar (+ Carp, Sickening Sadness)

2000.01.29 J.C. Chipolata, Houten (+ Mihoen!, Fairfight)
2000.02.05 Kraakpand De Uilenburg (+ Distroy, Distress, Distructica, Betercore, Hole In One)
2000.02.19 Kleefer Hof, Hilden GER (+ Volkermörd, Karma Kidz)
2000.02.27 ACU, Utrecht (+ Cripple Bastards, Entropia)
2000.03.03 J.C. Dukdalf, Wieringerwerf (+ Betercore)
2000.03.11 Opdrift, Groningen (+ Dog Ugly, PCP, Blowtorch)
2000.04.08 Pluimstraat, Kortrijk BEL (+ Vuur, Ulrike’s Dream, Intestinal Disease, What’s Wrong,)
2000.04.29 Eurodusnie, Leiden (+ Betercore, Serious Joke)

2010.07.29 Odeon, Alkmaar
2010.07.30 Friesenstrasse, Bremen GER (+ more) (15 Anniversary)
2011.05 Amsterdam
2015.04.09 dB’s, Utrecht
2015.07.30 Bambara, Groningen (+ Blatoidea, Uneasy Peace)
2015.07.31 Cyclopenfest, Stockholm SWE (+ Kansalaistottelemattomuus)
2015.08.01 Svartmyra, Hygget SWE (+ Kansalaistottelemattomuus) (Hyggetfest)
2015.08.22 De Groote Weiver, Krommenie (+ M.D.C., Call The Cops, The Shining)
2015.09.19 September To Dismember, Bologna ITA
2015.09.25 Patronaat, Haarlem (Punk Rock Ruined My Life Festival)
2016 Bloodshed Fest
2016.09.25 Baroeg, Rotterdam (+ F.I.S.T., Sunpower, Conflict)
2017.04.22 Maddogs, Groesbeek (+ Disturbance, Sick On The Bus, Call The Cops, Kansalaistottelemattomuus, Butcher Baby, Breakout, Murder Inc.III, F.I.S.T., The Farts)
2017.04.30 Patronaat, Haarlem

Source: Billy Kuiper