Boegies – A Terrible Swine Disease LP 1989

Title: A Terrible Swine Disease
Label: Top Hole Records, The Netherlands
Year: 1989
Recorded: Tango Studio, Eindhoven by Theo Van Eenbergen
A01. Eggs On Bacon
A02. Leap The Ditches
A03. Spokje
A04. Don’t Do It (Behind My Back)
A05. Free French Fries
A06. Chesterfiel Chair
A07. Kwait Nait
B01. Cakes & Ale
B02. Oncrete
B03. Dikke Tamme
B04. Willy On The Couch
B05. Pigs Can Fly
B06. Dance Of Joy
B07. Majo
Comment: Organ on B04 by Tom Holkenborg