(1984 – 1986)

Meaning Bandname: Term used by American soldiers during the Vietnam war.

Bio: From Stadskanaal, Musselkanaal and Gasseltenijveen. Arise from Nixan (1982-1984) hailing from the province of Drenthe. Both bands did very few gigs. Weekly rehearsing in a Dorpshuis (villagehouse) in Gasseltenijveen and play mostly own songs written by all members. The style was uplifting and heavy but melodic. Favorites are The Sex Pistols and U.K. Subs.

Description: Punk

Frank van der Veen – vocals
Henk Drent – bass
Karel de Beer – guitar
Jans Hatzman – guitar
Harry van der Laan – drums (1984-1986)

Robert Smit – drums (1984-1984)

Other bands:
Henk Drent – Half A Day, Whipster, Mansell, Wishing Tree, Windischgrätz, Faking
Jans Hatzman – Half A Day, Hell On Wheels, Ratsmodee

1984.06 Het Roem, Gasseltenijveen

1985.12.13 De Kwinne, Stadskanaal (+ Bastards, The Outer Men, Scunner)

1986.05.17 Sjangpouk, Stadskanaal (+ Mets, Ultrakort, Frenz Fries And The Frimo’s, Castaways)

Source: Frank van der Veen