(1976 – 1978)

Meaning Bandname: Taken from Blitzkrieg Bop of The Ramones.

Bio: From Utrecht. First punkband in Utrecht. Formed by Rob de Jong and friends and since he has 2 guitars, he invites his younger brother Eric de Jong to play as well. They cover The Ramones and Dead Boys but also have own songs with obnoxious lyrics. Like many others they try to shock the hippies with swastika’s, SS signs and nazi symbols. They change their name in The Duds.

Description: Punk

Rob de Jong aka B.B. Belsen – guitar
Eric de Jong aka Mick The Prick – guitar
Tonny Hol – drums
Aart Helder – bass
Merlijn Blommendaal – vocals

Other bands:
Eric de Jong – Quazar, Spinvis