(Heerhugowaard, 1982-1984)

Meaning name: Our concerts are a blitzkrieg against capitalism and the third world war will be a blitzkrieg.

Bio: Formed in October 1982 and is an “anarchist, peace and freedom” band. They record their LP in the Nite-Flite studio’s in Amsterdam in August 1983. During their concerts, emotion and anger play a central role. Lyrics are against state terror, capitalism and in favor of an anarchist society. They stop after the release of the LP in 1984. Members continue with Out Of Reach with more philosophical lyrics.

Arthur – drums
Mark aka Fredus Anarchen – vocals
Frans – bass
Kido – guitar

Other bands:
Arthur – Out Of Reach
Mark – Out Of Reach
Frans – Out Of Reach
Kido – Out Of Reach

1983 – Complete Disarmament LP (Manikaal, NL)

1983 – Bijna 2000 Jaar Geleden TAPE (A.E.D., NL)

1983 – De Melkboer Strikes Back 3
1984 – Nieuwe Koekrand 63

Concerts: (selected)
1983.04.17 De Mantel, Spierdijk (+ L.D.Z., Indirekt, Antidote)
1983.04.30 Zweetkutten, Lärm, Vikings, La Résistance, Boegies, Asperity’s

1984.02.25 De Roggel, Lelystad (+ B.G.K., Zyklome A, M.D.C., Crucifix) (Openingsfeest)
1984.04.08 Pardoes, Hoogwoud (+ Gepøpel, Indirekt, M.O.G., Forgodssake)