(1986 – 1988)

Originally it’s H.H.C. Bést Genôg (Headbangers and Hardcore Club Bést Genôg). It is somekind of shed behind a graveyard. Works without state money and is totally autonomous. Jan from Murder Inc./La Cosa Nostra is involved.

Concerts: (selected)
1986.11.09 Kina, C.K.N., Iron Fist, De Boefjes
1986.11.30 W.C.F., Royal Vomit, City Indians, Conflict
1986.12.28 Ome Oep, Heibel, Upset Noise

1987.02.15 Schnaps, Neuroot, Brothers Of Hell, Ultimate Sabotage
1987.03.08 Afflict, Inferno
1987.03.29 God, Dream Police
1987.04.19 Unaccepted, Union Morbide, Dutch Courage, Cólera
1987.05.31 Maniacs, Wargasm
1987.07.12 Pissed Boys, Political Asylum
1987.09.20 Iron Fist, Upright Citizens
1987.10.27 K.G.B., Grabbits, Indirekt
1987.11.06 La Cosa Nostra, Razende Roeland, Riekboois

1988.01.30 Hard Times, E.N.E., Lightning, La Cosa Nostra
1988.02.20 Mordacious, Crack, Strawelte, Lightning 1988.04.22 Kädävérbäk, Anastasia, Deadfact