(Groningen, 2005 – 2008)

A big warehouse in the middle of the citycentre. Squated on March 2005 and evicted in 2008. Legendary is the toilet (see picture below). Stage and bar are on the first floor, 2nd bar on the ground.

Concerts: (selected)
2005.08.27 14 Inch General, Chaot Minus 1, Gewapend Beton, Jesus Crøst, Jobcrusher, No-WC, Spam
2005.09.17 Flyblown, Mindføk (G.G.I. Festival)
2005.11.04 Iedereen Zooo Jotje, The Usual Suspects

2006.05.05 Civil War, Galbak, Mistake, New Reality
2006.05.18 Flyblown, Descent To Hell
2006.10.13 Kylesa, Gasgoine, Grinding Halt
2006.11.04 Kädävérbäk, Mistake (De Aftakeling)
2006.11.05 Blood I Bleed, Sick Terror
2006.12.16 Keitzer, Infidel, Obtuse

2007.01.28 Contempt, The Architect, Spam
2007.02.08 Kidd Blunt, Link
2007.02.21 Holocause In Your Head
2007.03.20 Chaoszzz, Nulla Ostia
2007.04.05 Filthpact, Aussitot Mort
2007.04.12 Mouth Sewn Shut, Fleas And Lice
2007.04.20 Dömsdömd, Ampools, Sangre
2007.05.11 Diskelmä, Iron Cage
2007.05.15 Christ On Parade, Rat Patrol
2007.06.05 Mouth Sewn Shut, Descent To Hell
2007.06.25 Phoenix Bodies, Short Bus Window Lickers, Armed Response Unit, Ed Gein
2007.07.09 Margrudergrind, Punished Earth
2007.08.29 New Reality
2007.11.24 Galbak, Suicidal Birds, Ekolutie, Bloodbastard (De Aftakeling)

2008.03.01 Jobcrusher, Teenage Tits

The stage on the 1st floor

The 2nd bar on the 1st floor

The infamous toilet on the ground