(Hulst, 1981 – 1985)

Bio: Formed in the August 1981 by Paul and Simon. They wanted to do concerts outside their residence to see what’s happening without costing it anything and to make contacts. They play punk with alot of energy and impact. After a while they got fed up playing the same songs over and over again so they started doing text fragment from old songs with improvisations. They sing in German because that language has alot of expressiveness and arrogance. After a while they start to play hard disco, which has little to do with punk anymore. Instruments are done whenever someone feels like it. Release their only record in march 1982 as an insert with the Gramschap magazine (700 copies and recorded at Joke’s Koeienverhuurbedrijf on 28 & 29 January). They see themselves as “Aussteigers” (dropouts) and support RAF, Brigate Rosso, IRA, etc.

Description: Terroristischer Tanzmusik

Edwin van Eck – guitar & bass & vocals
Paul Mahu aka Pavl Mahv – vocals & guitar & keyboards & drums
Simon van Leeuwen – vocals & keyboards & bass

Anja – drums & keyboards & vocals (1982-1982)

Other bands:
Paul Mahu – Paul Mahu, Vovo Kai
Edwin van Eck – Vovo Kai, Zombies Under Stress, Zesde Kolonne

1982 – Krieg Und Leichen TAPE (Stchting Update Materials, NL)
1982 – Am Joke’s Kuhenvermietbetrieb GmbH TAPE (Not On Label, NL)
1982 – Zappenblitz 7” EP (Disaster Electronics/ Gramschap, NL)

1982 – Kalkulator TAPE (Tear Apart Tapes, NL)
1984 – Door Wanhoop Gedreven TAPE (6de Kolonne, NL)
1998 – Gramschap 1978-1986 2x CD (ADM, NK)
2011 – Various Distractions LP (Mauerstadtmusik, GER)
XXXX – Spezial Rado 90T (Stichting Update Materials)

1982 – Kotskompas 2

Concerts: (selected)
1981.09.13 ‘t Beest, Goes (+ D-Control, Victim)

1982.07.17 Parkhof, Alkmaar (+ Red Orchestra)
1982.09.30 Paradiso, Amsterdam (+ S’Nitors United C.O.D., New Holland)