(1982 – 1987)

Meaning Bandname: Stands for Balthasar Gerards Kommando. Balthasar Gerards was the murderer of Prince William of Orange, the ancestor of the later Dutch royal family.

A continuation of The Nitwitz in October 1982 when Eric Pieters, their singer quit and went to play in a funpunk band called Outrageous. René was an old friend of Tony and played guitar in Geen Gelul. The name B.G.K. was chosen because of their hate of the royal family and for shock value (to the monarchs). Also it was time for a new name because the funpunk time was over. They wanted to put a lot more political ideas in the songs and were influenced by the first American hardcore such Dead  Kennedys, Circle Jerks, Hüsker Dü, M.D.C., etc. Tony also does the Vögelspin label and fanzine. After the release of the first LP also on R Radical Records from the USA, they do a tour with C.F.A. in July/August 1984 over there. Their manager Wouter went to the USA to prepare the tour. After this tour Mathijs replaces Steven but he’s gonna take over the bass while Tony takes over the guitar. After the second LP, they do a second USA tour in September/October 1986. In the beginning of 1987 René leaves the band. They tried to do the vocals themselves while searching for a new one and even recorded for a third album (the master tapes we’re unfortunately re-used) but eventually the band broke up. BGK were internationally the most popular hardcore punkband of the Netherlands.

Marcel Verhoeven – drums
Mathijs Houwink – bass (1984-1987)
René van der Meer – vocals
Tony Leeuwenburgh aka Tony Nitwit † – bass (1982-1984), guitar (1984-1987)

Steven Walraven – guitar (1982-1984)

Other bands:
Tony Leeuwenburgh – The Nitwitz, Loveslug, Hydromatics, Fitz of Depression, New Jew Revue, Shotgun Rationale, The Tony Slug Experience
Marcel Verhoeven  – The Nitwitz, Verz Ed
Mathijs Houwink – Morzelpronk, De Kift

1983 – Jonestown Aloha! LP (Vögelspin Records, NL)
1984 – White Male Dumbinance 7” EP (Vögelspin Records, NL)
1986 – Nothing Can Go Wrogn! LP (Vögelspin Records, NL)
1987 – demo for 3rd LP (Unreleased, NL)
1999 – A Dutch Feast… The Complete Works Of Balthasar Gerards Kommando CD/2x LP (Alternative Tentacles, USA)

1983 – Als Je Haar Maar Goed Zit… Nr. 2 LP (Vögelspin Records, NL)
1984 – The Third Chainsaw flexi 7” EP (Meat Records!, UK)
1984 – Welcome To 1984 LP/CD (Maximum Rock’n’Roll, USA)
1984 – International P.E.A.C.E. Benefit Compilation 2x LP/2x CD (R Radical Records, USA)
1984 – World Class Punk TAPE/CD (ROIR, USA)
1984 – Alle 55 Kort TAPE (A.E.D., NL)
1985 – Babylon: Bleibt Fahren LP (Babylon Bleibt Fahren Records, NL)
1986 – Emma 2x LP (M.A. Draje Records, NL)
1986 – Speed Air Play TAPE (Hardcore Thrash Metal Show, SWI)
1987 – Viva Umkhonto! LP (Konkurrel, NL)
1988 – The Return Of Amicolings TAPE (Magnifica Produktions, SPA)
1993 – It’s All Been Said Before… 7” EP (Not On Label)
1995 – All For One… One For All CD (Grand Theft Audio, USA)
1997 – Network Of Friends: An Early To Mid 80s Hardcore Compilation CD/ 2x LP (Ataque Sonoro, POR)
1998 – Network Of Friends Vol. 2 2x LP (Ataque Sonoro, POR)
2000 – The Ecstasy Of The Agony CD (Alternative Tentacles, USA)
2003 – 100% Pure Dutch Punk Hardcore CD (Not On Label, NL)
2022 – Urban Decline 80’s Hardcore Mixtape Vol. 1 TAPE (Urban Decline, USA)
2023 – Intro V.2 TAPE (Escape Cassettes, USA)
XXXX – Qualcosa Di Completamente Diverso JP (Not On Label)
XXXX – Let’s Start A Riot… Vol. 1… In Holland! 7” EP (Riot Records, NL)
XXXX – Conoce La Punk CDr (Ni Fronteras Ni Banderas, SPA)
XXXX – Extraordinary Funkcore Present: 20 US-Hardcore Bands They Came From Punk Now Go Rap And Funk! TAPE (Not On Label)
XXXX – Ewig Alt… II TAPE (Not On Label)
XXXX – A Drink For Boris Becker TAPE (Not On Label)
XXXX – Welcome To 1984 Recopilacion Internacional / Vicent Goes To Tchernobyl / The Triumph of Death TAPE (Not On Label)
XXXX – Cracked And Bruised Scull Bloody Mouth TAPE (Not On Label)
XXXX – Memories Of Tomorrow TAPE (Not On Label)
XXXX – Don’t Ask Me Why Vol.1 TAPE (Survivors Tapes, SWE)
XXXX – If There’s A Will There’s A Way (A Collection Of Rare Hardcore-Punk) TAPE (Crucial Scum, GER)
XXXX – Jams 2 TAPE (Get Loose Tapes, USA)

1985 – When Can I Sleep In Peace – Flipside Video #9 VHS (Flipside Video, USA)
1986 – Definite Choice Video Party 1 VHS (Definite Choice, NL)
1987 – Free For All VHS (Not On Label)
2009 – Als Je Haar Maar Goed Zat: Videocompilatie Van Punkbands In Oktopus 1980-1985 DVD (Not On Label, NL)
XXXX –  N.Y.H.C. The Spirit Of The Old School VHS (Not On Label)

Interviews & Articles:
1984 – Weerhaak 2
1984 – Zelfk(r)ant 2
1984 – Penetracion 5
1985 – De Nieuwe Vögelspin 2
1986 – Piss Off 13
1987 – Kwalpol 2
2005 – Tony Leeuwenburgh aka Tony Slug interview
2020 – Zona Especial Noise BOOK (David von Rivers, SPA)
2020 – Network Of Friends: Hardcorepunk Der 80er Jahre In Europe BOOK (Helge Schreiber, GER)

Concerts: (selected)
1982.12.28 Rothaanhuis, Amsterdam (+ Tröckener Kecks, Wanda’s, The Ex) (1st gig)

1983.03.12 Shiva, Uithoorn (+ Null A)
1983.07.02 Warande, Turnhout BEL (+ Amsterdamned, Wulpse Varkens)
1983.09.03 Babylon, Hengelo (+ Last Few, W.C.F.)
1983.10.15 Jeugdhuis Reflex, Kortrijk BEL (+ Lumpen Fuckers, Zyklome A, Electronase, Null A, Sexy Bollocks, Amsterdamned)
1983.12.18 Vera, Groningen (+ M.D.C.)
1983.12.21 Paradox, Antwerpen BEL (+ M.D.C., Zyklome A, Moral Demolition)
1983.12.24 Babylon, Hengelo (+ M.D.C., Crack Regiment, Frites Modern, Outrageous)
1983.12.25 Bauplatz, Venlo (+ M.D.C.)
1983.12.26 De Buze, Steenwijk (+ Local Disturbance, Boegies, M.D.C.)
1983.12.30 Ungdomshuset, Kobenhavh DEN (+ M.D.C.)

1984.01.04 The Ex, Berlin GER (+ Savage Circle)
1984.01.06 SO 36, Berlin GER (+ Upright Citizens, Zerstörte Jugend, Porno Patrol)
1984.01.11 Emma, Amsterdam (+ Wargasm, Vacuüm) (Openingsfeest)
1984.02.24 Amsterdam (+ M.D.C., Crucifix, No Pigs)
1984.02.25 De Roggel, Lelystad (+ Blitzkrieg, Zyklome A, M.D.C., Crucifix) (Openingsfeest)
1984.05.25 Shiva, Uithoorn (+ S.C.A.)
1984.06.02 Oktopus, Amsterdam (+ Nog Watt)
1984.06.11 De Buze, Steenwijk (+ S.C.A., Major Accident)
1984.06.16 New York USA
1984.06.25 New York USA
1984.07.01 New York USA
1984.07.04 Washington USA
1984.07.07 Stanford USA
1984.07.10 Syracuse USA
1984.07.12 Kent USA
1984.07.13 Cleveland USA
1984.07.15 Chicago USA
1984.07.17 Minneapolis USA
1984.07.18 Minneapolis USA
1984.07.19 Madison USA
1984.07.20 Milwaukee USA
1984.07.21 Oshkosh USA
1984.07.22 Fool Killer, Kansas City MO USA (+ C.F.A.)
1984.07.24 Denver USA
1984.07.26 Indian Center, Salt Lake City UT USA (+ C.F.A.)
1984.07.28 Reno USA
1984.07.29 San Francisco USA
1984.08.02 Berkeley USA
1984.08.03 San Francisco USA
1984.08.04 Sacramento USA
1984.08.09 Las Vegas USA
1984.08.10 Olympic Auditorium, Los Angeles CA USA (+ Dead Kennedys, Raw Power, Riistetyt, Reagan Youth, Solucion Mortal)
1984.08.11 San Diego USA
1984.08.12 The Pit, Phoenix AZ USA (+ Dead Kennedys, C.F.A., Don’t Know)
1984.08.14 Albuquerque USA
1984.08.15 El Paso USA
1984.08.17 The Farm, Potrero CA USA (+ C.C.M., M.D.C., Forethought, Victims Family)
1984.08.18 Orgasm, Houston TX USA (+ Dead Kennedys, C.F.A., Offenders)
1984.08.19 Liberty Lunch, Austin TX USA (+ C.F.A., Offenders)
1984.08.21 Dallas USA
1984.11.29 Gaztetxe, Andoain SPA (+ Anti-Dogmatikss, BAP!, Tortura Sistematika)
1984.11.30 El Negro, Madrid SPA (+ Anti-Dogmatikss, Delinquencia Sonora, Decadencia, Crisis Nervosia)
1984.12.01 Zaragoza SPA (+ Anti-Dogmatikss, IV Reich, Parasitos)
1984.12.02 Casal Dels Transformadors, Barcelona SPA (+ Anti-Dogmatikss)

1985.03.02 Obsed, Hasselt BEL (+ Frites Modern, Capital Scum)
1985.04.12 AJZ, Bielefeld GER (+ Der Riss)
1985.04.19 Bauplatz, Venlo
1985.05.05 Grachtkerk/Kippenhok, Amersfoort (+ Lärm, Negazione)
1985.06.08 Pakhuis, Heerenveen (+ Nog Watt, Pandemonium, Distortion)
1985.12.31 Cafe Grans, Berlin GER (+ C.C.M., No Allegiance, Vellocet)

1986.02.21 Goudvishal, Arnhem
1986.03.01 W.N.C., Groningen (+ No Pigs)
1986.03.22 Bauplatz, Venlo (+ No Pigs)
1986.03.28 AJZ, Bielefeld GER
1986.04.11 Ex, Berlin GER (+ No Allegiance)
1986.04.17 Eschhaus, Duisburg GER (+ Negazione, Unwanted Youth, Directive 1067)
1986.05 Kippenhok, Amersfoort (+ Negazione)
1986.05.20 Emma, Amsterdam
1986.06.06 Parochiezaal, Scherpenheuvel BEL (+ Raw Power, Negazione, No Pigs, Cyclone)
1986.08.29 The Funhouse, Denver CO USA (+ Burnt Fase, Psychodrama)
1986.09.02 Kansas City MO USA
1986.09.03 Des Moines IA USA
1986.09.04 Cedar Falls IA USA
1986.09.05 Madison WI USA
1986.09.06 Cabaret Metro, Chicago IL USA (+ M.D.C., Last Rites, C.C.M.)
1986.09.07 Detroit MI USA
1986.09.09 Rochester NY USA
1986.09.11 Buffalo NY USA
1986.09.12 Albany NY USA
1986.09.14 CBGB’s, New York City NY USA
1986.09.18 Washington D.C. USA
1986.09.20 Harrisburg PA USA
1986.09.21 Philadelphia PA USA
1986.09.23 New Horizons, Richmond VA USA (+ Unseen Force, Sordid Doctrine)
1986.09.24 Raleigh NC USA
1986.09.25 Atlanta GA USA
1986.09.26 Tallahassee FL USA
1986.09.27 Miami FL USA
1986.10.01 New Orleans LA USA
1986.10.02 Lafayette LA USA
1986.10.03 Houston TX USA
1986.10.04 Austin TX USA
1986.10.05 Dallas TX USA
1986.10.07 Albuquerque TX USA
1986.10.08 El Paso TX USA
1986.10.09 Phoenix AZ USA
1986.10.10 Tucon AZ USA
1986.10.11 Los Angeles CA USA
1986.10.12 San Diego CA USA

1987.01.09 PAL, Amsterdam (+ Funeral Oration)