(Groningen, 2000 – 2004)

Squatted on 22 September 2000 and evicted on September 2004. A showroom, a shed and a house are on polluted ground and the shed has packed asbestos hence the name. The last owner was an Opel garage and the place is already empty for 3 years before it gets squatted.

Concerts: (selected)
2003.01.31 Shikari, Schlumpers, Nobby And The Impregnators, Mindføk

2004.05.18 General Surgery, Blood Bastard
2004.05.23 P.C.P., Jobcrusher, Infekcja
2004.06.04 Nobby And The Impregnators, Bombaklatz, Schlumpers
2004.06.05 Dichters Uit Epibreren, Casper